ripple coinbase

Coinbase May Soon List Ripple XRP

“Hand holding silver Ripple XRP coin” – Marco Verch via Flickr  (CC BY-SA 2.0) Coinbase may finally be ready to list Ripple XRP, a move that the exchange giant has avoided with various rationale over the years. In a major pivot, Coinbase now wants to list “90%+” of all cryptocurrencies – at least, the ones that more info …

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futures trading

OKEx to Launch New Type of Futures Contract

OKEx is the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by daily volume. This sort of high profile is allowing OKEx to make some innovative moves in the industry. This is recently evidenced by their announcement of a new kind of trading to be offered for the first time. Perpetual swap trading starts December 11, 2018. Perpetual more info …

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Money Forward

Japanese Financial App Money Forward to Open Crypto Exchange

Money Forward Financial is a Japanese business owned by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The company has a product called Money Forward Me, which is a personal finance accounting app used by 7 million people to date. Money Forward Me will add crypto trading functionality in the coming weeks, giving users a convenient way to integrate more info …

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UK’s Oldest Exchange Coinfloor Lays Off Staff

The UK’s Coinfloor is the oldest cryptocurrency exchange in the nation. Unfortunately, the five-year-old Coinfloor is laying off the majority of its 40 person staff in the wake of declining trading volumes. So what does this mean for buying crypto in the the UK? Is this a sign of industry decline or a reflection of more info …

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