How to buy Buy Stellar Lumens – Complete guide 2018


The arrival of Stellar Lumens (XLM) has added an exciting new way of investing in a digital currency. If you are wondering how to buy Stellar Lumens, we've got the answers right here. The Stellar network is widely regarded as one of the most attractive types of cryptocurrency at the moment. It is incredibly easy to invest in Stellar Lumens and feel the pleasure of getting involved with a powerful new type of currency. Take a look at how you to buy your first Stellar Lumens coins and get started with an investment that makes a lot of sense.


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5 Quick Steps to Buy Stellar Lumens

1.  First, open an account at eToro
2.  Pick the payment method that best suits your needs. These include the likes of PayPal, Skrill, credit/debit card, bank wire transfer and more. 
3.  You need to deposit at least £200 into the account. You can rest assured that this money will be totally safe, as the eToro exchange is CysEC & FCA regulated. 
4.  You are now ready to order the amount of Stellar Lumens that you want to purchase. 
5.  It is now simply a matter of tracking the price and enjoying the excitement of watching as you make money with your investment! 


Buy Stellar Lumens

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Why buy Stellar Lumens now? 

There are plenty of reasons for believing that the time is right to buy Stellar Lumens. This is a digital currency that many analysts have been keeping a close eye on for some time. This crypto coin has seen some spectacular price rises since its launch, but the feeling is that there is still a lot of room for growth. At the time of writing, the price of Stellar Lumens is sitting at around $0.20-$0.30, with many crypto experts believing that there is a lot more to come from it. 
Predicting the mid to long-term price of any cryptocurrency is difficult. However, the transaction speed and versatility of Stellar Lumens mean that it has every chance of becoming the next huge success story. 


What is the best site to buy Stellar Lumens? 

If you are looking to find out how to purchase Stellar Lumens, then one of the main questions you have is "what is the best place to buy Stellar Lumens?" Well, we have concluded that the eToro site is by far your best option.


This is a smart, sensible way to invest in Stellar Lumens for the first time and there a number of reasons why: 

-  eToro is fully CySEC & FCA regulated, giving you an extremely high level of protection.
-  You can copy the trades made by successful investors.
-  There is a good selection of different payment methods to choose from.
-  Extremely low commission rates - among the very best in the market.
-  No need to open a wallet for storing the coins in. 
-  Very simple to use site that even complete beginners can easily get to grips with. 
-  eToro has a terrific reputation and more than 6 million users all over the globe.
-  You can invest however much you want to quickly and seamlessly with their smooth, flexible trading system.

Making the decision to invest at eToro just now is a great way of getting started on crypto investing. You will soon have the coins and be ready to watch how this currency grows in value over time. 







How to buy Stellar Lumens with eToro 

It is very easy to see how you find out how to buy Stellar Lumens coins at eToro. In fact, the whole process from start to finish can be described in just a few short steps that anyone can follow effortlessly. 


Step 1: Open an account with eToro


etoro screen 1


Open your new account at eToro in a matter of a couple of minutes. The first step is to look for “Join Now” section on the home page. You can add your details before accepting their Terms and Conditions together with the Privacy Policy. 

Once you click to “Start Trading” you will be in your account for the first time. You need to fill in the details on your profile to start trading, although there is also an option that allows you to trade for small amounts before completing the full verification process. 


etoro screen 2

etoro risk


You will be asked for information such as whether you have any trading experience and what your overall goals are. These details are crucial in allowing eToro to provide you with a personalised service that meets your needs and protects you at the same time. 

Read some important information about trading before clicking to show that you understand it. 


etoro screen 3


Decide whether to complete the full verification in order to remove the trading limits or start trading right away and come back to this later. 

If you choose to complete the verification process then you note your phone number and wait for an SMS to be delivered to you with a code. After that is done, you can upload your ID card or passport in order to further verify your identity. 


Step 2: Deposit funds 


etoro screen 4


The step to deposit funds to your eToro account is next. This allows you to start trading with real money, although the site also offers the option of practising with dummy money until you are ready to invest for real. Once you are ready to deposit funds just select the amount and payment method. 

There are additional methods under “more” if you can’t see what you are after right away. 


Step 3: Buy Stellar Lumens 


You are now ready to invest in Stellar Lumens. Check out the current price and decide how many coins you want to buy. 


How to buy Stellar Lumens through exchanges 

Buying XLM at Changelly 

As we've explained in our Changelly review, this is a cryptocurrency exchange that lets you switch between many different types of coins. Stellar Lumens is one of the coins that you can buy and sell here. The ease with which you can trade so many different digital currencies is a big bonus, as is the speed and security offered by this exchange. It is the sort of exchange that is more likely to appeal to a newcomer who wants to invest easily rather than an investor who wants to see complex tools and lots of charts. 


Buying XLM at BitFinex 

BitFinex is an exchange that started allowing Stellar Lumens trading in May of 2018. This site covers an impressive range of digital currencies and offers a number of different ways of trading. It may look a little bit overwhelming for newcomers at first, a point we've also made in our guide to BitFinex, but it is easy to use once you get started. BitFinex certainly offers a smart and reliable choice for buying XLM online. 

These exchanges are well worth taking a look at. However, we believe that the best place to buy Stellar Lumens is at eToro, where a number of advantages make it a powerful trading site. 

















Commission?  Lowest in the market  Some charge more than others 
Regulated?  Professionally run and regulated by FCA, CySEC  Many exchanges are unregulated 
Reputation?  6 million of satisfied users  Reviews and opinions vary widely 
Global coverage?  Available in more than 100 countries  Some exchanges are only present in a few countries 
Additional features?  You can copy the trades made by successful investors with CopyTrader. There are also forums and guides  Some have more than others 



Buying Stellar Lumens: payment methods

There are several different types of payment method that you can use in order to buy Stellar Lumens right now. 


Credit card & debit card

One of the simplest approaches is to use a Visa card or MasterCard to buy your new digital currency with ease. This is an option when you invest in Stellar Lumens coins at eToro. You need to check with your card provider whether there is some sort of charge to be paid.



By using PayPal to pay for your coins you will normally avoid any fees. This easy payment method lets you get and up running very quickly and without any hassle when you decide that the time is right to purchase Stellar Lumens. 


Wire Transfer 

By ordering a transfer directly from your bank account you can open an eToro account in no time at all. The charges this incurs will depend upon your bank, so it is worth checking with them before you make the transfer. 







payment methods


How to buy Stellar Lumens in your country

You may wonder how your own country’s approach to cryptocurrencies makes a difference when you look for the best way to buy Stellar Lumens. Each country has its own rules on the legalities of these currencies, as well as how they can be bought and sold online. To help you out, we have put together guides to buying virtual coins in different parts of the world.

United Kingdom exchanges 
United States exchanges 
Australian exchanges 
Indian exchanges 
South African exchanges 


How to store Stellar Lumens in a wallet 

You now know the answer to the question, “How do you buy Stellar Lumens?”, what comes next? The issue of storing these coins in a virtual wallet can be a headache. For a start, you would need to decide whether to use an online wallet or a version that you download and store on your computer. Then you have to choose a service, make sure it's safe and so on... Fortunately, with eToro you can buy Stellar Lumens online without storing them in a wallet at all. The same applies to any other cryptocurrencies that you purchase on this site. 


Other ways to get Stellar Lumens


While buying Stellar Lumens is the common way of getting hold of coins, you may wonder whether they can also be mined like Bitcoin. Sadly, this isn’t an option. Stellar Lumens isn’t a currency that can be mined, as all 100 billion coins were created at the outset.


Giveaway Programmes

The non-profit organisation in charge of Stellar Lumens gives away coins on a regular basis. Votes are lodged in order to see how to distribute new coins, with the aim being to spread them out as fairly and evenly across the world as possible. 



Buy Stellar Lumens FAQs

What can I use Stellar Lumens for?

As well as being an interesting investment, these coins are also the native tokens on the Stellar network and can be used to pay for transactions on it.

What is Stellar?

It is a not for profit network that plans to "develop the world's new financial system".

Is Stellar Lumens a sound investment right now?

Many analysts believe that this currency could be the next crypto coin to take off. While these currencies tend to be volatile in nature, hopes are high for solid, long-term growth.

Is XLM a better investment than Bitcoin?

They are two very different types of investment, with Bitcoin currently at a far higher price. If you decide to proceed, the best place to buy Stellar Lumens is at eToro.

Can I get Stellar Lumens for free?

Coins are regularly given away by the people behind the currency. Otherwise, visit eToro to find the best place to buy Stellar Lumens.

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