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The News Spy Review 2022

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Author: Benson Toti Updated: January 27, 2022

The number of crypto trading robots keeps increasing every other day, and for a new trader, choosing one over the other can be a bit too challenging.

The News Spy is one of the many new auto trading robots to recently hit the market. As with every other offering in the robot space, The News Spy’s website claims to offer extremely high winning rates. In this review of the product, we focus on what traders need to know before they use News Spy. Use our in-depth and honest The News Spy review to help inform your mind as you carry the due diligence needed for one to invest capital and time in crypto trading.

About The News Spy Platform / Software

As noted earlier, the architecture and working of this robot are much like other products in the market. However, the platform’s official website claims that The News Spy is unique in how it employs both artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect the best deals in the crypto market. 

As well as a user-friendly interface, automation means one doesn’t have to do all the analysis and charting to speculate on a trade. The system does this, and within minutes, meaning profitable trades multiple times within a very short time.

The News Spy Founder & Team

We could not find the name of the founder of The News Spy on the official website. However, many independent sources suggest that John Mayers led an experienced team of professionals to create the auto trading platform. But we could not independently verify the claim. 

John is a renowned crypto trader, entrepreneur and software developer. From the platform’s algorithm, accuracy and efficiency, we can deduce that this is likely the work of an experienced team. Most likely, the team is like the reported creator - a highly experienced group of crypto traders and developers.

The News Spy Founder & Team
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Pros and Cons


User Friendly: Unlike in manual trading, you do not require technical skills or expertise to scrutinise the market and close trades successfully.
Demo trading feature: If you are not comfortable with the system, you can use the demo account. This way, you gain lots of trading insights for free.
24/7 Customer Service: With responsive 24/7 customer service, new users can get quality support whenever they need it.
Real positive testimonies: Some of the testimonies are recorded videos. So, we can be sure a real person is behind the reviews.
Fast withdrawal: Users can withdraw their money within 24 hours.
Experienced brokers: Reportedly, these brokers can execute profitable investment strategies on your behalf.


No mobile app: You can use the robust mobile interface. It works perfectly. But those who need a mobile app need to wait.
High investment risk: Since the crypto market is time-sensitive and volatile, you have no guarantee of earning insane amounts of money within a short time.
A minimum deposit of $250: You cannot trade cryptocurrency on the auto trading platform without at least $250.

Auto-Trading Guide

To get started with The News Spy, traders need to register at no cost, but the sign up is available for a limited period. Here are the simple steps that can help traders who want to benefit from this cryptocurrency trading tool:

1. Open a Free Account

New users need to go to The News Spy’s official homepage and click on the Join tab. They should then provide their user information such as full names, phone numbers and email addresses.

2. Make a Deposit

To activate The News Spy account, a new user needs to make a minimum deposit of $250. One can choose one payment option out of the many available on the deposit page, including bank transfer, Webmoney, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

3. Start Trading

Before you start auto-trading, you can take advantage of the demo trading platform. It allows you to study the trading process. The demo also trains you to use simple trading tools and learn to interpret the market signals. 

5 Unique Selling Points of The News Spy

1. Trading Features

The auto trading platform claims that it partners with experienced and regulated brokers to make it possible for users to deposit funds and make withdrawals. After account activation, the system reportedly connects the new user to a specific broker. 

2. Demo Account

We created the demo account and studied how the News Spy account works. Once we started the trading process, we could see the robot giving us useful results almost instantly. We then concluded that this automated trading system might work on real trades as claimed.

The robot did all the work, and our work was to set our trading limits. In other words, we learned first-hand that the software automates all the trading processes.

3. Success / Win Rate

Overall, The News Spy claims that its users benefit from an accuracy level of over 90%. However, one needs to remember that crypto markets can swing widely and thus losses are bound to occur.

4. Cryptocurrencies on the News Spy

The platform offers trading in many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and also allows trading in Contracts for Difference (CFDs).

5. Customer Service

The News Spy has a functional customer service system that reportedly works 24/7. We did not interact long enough with the robot to place a customer request or such, so we cannot vouch for this 100 per cent. However, there are positive reviews online on this, and there are many ways to contact the support team such as via the contact us page, email and phone.

How to Maximise Your Profits

Below are a few tips for trading on The News Spy. 

Start Small

Never invest large sums of money initially. As a beginner trader, you should look to learn and gain experience as cryptocurrencies are a risky investment. Start with the minimum deposit of $250 and let the auto trader help you grow the capital slowly. 

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

Depending on your location, you may be required to file taxes for all your crypto trades. The IRS requires US citizens to file taxes for the profits they have made trading digital assets. It's impossible to do this if you don't keep clear records of your trades, and you risk having problems with authorities.

Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose

When you start experiencing winning trades, it’s easy to get confident and start investing a large amount of capital. However, you may lose all your savings in the process. So invest what you can afford to lose. 

Endorsements & Opinions About The News Spy

We browsed the internet and checked on Youtube for indications whether celebrities like Bill Gates or Gordon Ramsay have endorsed this trading platform but could not find any evidence to confirm such claims. No prominent personality in the crypto space has commended on the News Spy. all such claims are false. 

The News Spy has never been featured on TV shows like Dragons' Den and Shark Tank. Any such claims are simply rumours and false. 

However, the bot allows trading cryptocurrencies in an automated manner and can be a useful tool for traders.

Final Thoughts on The News Spy: Is It a Legit Option to Make Money?

There are countless positive feedback reports on the robot. If you are still unsure of what to make of this robot, one way to get into the groove is to learn the ropes one at a time. For instance, check out the demo account and play with the funds to have a feel of how it works.

We paid particular attention to this robot’s payout system since many of the negative reviews we have come across about robots is that payouts are largely the biggest problem. To use News Spy, one needs to register for an account and then complete a verification process. This aspect adds to the authenticity of the site, but in itself isn’t a license for one not to be vigilant against copycats and such other scams.

The auto trading platform makes it so easy for anyone to join - the registration, verification and funds withdrawal are all simple and fast processes new traders can quickly go through or complete. 

However, cryptocurrencies are a risky investment, so it's best to start small. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You can make a profit during your first live auto trading session. The robot is fast and efficient. In some cases, it may take a few bets before you make any worthwhile profit.
  2. The New Spy Claims that their software license costs nothing. However, there is a disclaimer that this could soon change. If you profit, the system takes a small percentage to reward their brokers and keep the service up and running.
  3. The trading robot operates in more than 150 countries. It also accepts multiple payment options, giving you a chance to earn from almost any part of the world.
  4. You should check the relevant tax regulations of your country. There are very few countries who have formulated specific tax regulations for crypto. Each country imposes taxes on profits as per their regulations.
  5. The independent sources that we used confirm the robot’s claim that they process all withdrawal requests within 24 hours. However, one has to provide the bank account and identification documents either during registration or when requesting payments to allow the robot to complete the process within this timeframe.
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