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In a market as volatile as cryptocurrency, one needs to be ready to adapt to sudden changes in market conditions. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to be scanning news websites and trading screens 24/7. Even if you do, it seems there are always traders who can respond faster than you can.

Enter The News Spy - a trading robot that combines the speed of automatic trading software with professionally analyzed, market sensitive news data, so you never miss a trade or get left holding a capitulating bag. Is it too good to be true? We deep dive into The News Spy to see if it really can provide you with a market advantage.

What is The News Spy?

Cryptocurrency is notoriously volatile. But volatility also represents opportunity. Often trading robots or “bots” as they are commonly known, will only utilize algorithms and data from crypto exchanges to determine the most opportune times to place a trade. But these bots can’t determine if a cryptocurrency has been hacked, for example, which can lead to huge losses. This is where The News Spy differs.


Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 94%
Performance - 97%
Ease of use - 99%
Customer service - 89%
App - 99%
Profitability - 85%
Reputation - 99%
Fast withdrawals - 98%
Security - 92%
User testimonials - 93%

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Whos behind

Who is behind The News Spy?

The News Spy is the brainchild of John Mayers, a lifelong trader who fell in love with the cryptocurrency market and wanted to design a platform that could respond to its unique challenges. John noted the extreme volatility of the market, its hypersensitivity to breaking news and thought about how that volatility could be harnessed. The logical conclusion was a combination of a rapid response trading bot and detailed market analysis. 

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What People are Saying About The News Spy

Photo of Isabelle Brack

I have friends who made a lot more money trading with robots than I did ‘HODLing’ my coins. I had reservations at first. There is so much talk of scams and the risks. To my surprise, The News Spy was far simpler to use than I had imagined. I always felt in complete control of my trades despite not being able to watch it constantly and best of all I managed to turn a good profit on my first $250 in the first week of using the platform!

- Isabelle Brack

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Pros & Cons


Rapid responsiveness to market trends and patterns
Free account creation and proprietary software
Transactions secured from unauthorised access
Access to informed cryptocurrency experts and customer support
Easy to use even with no prior knowledge of crypto trading


Not without risk. Trade only what you can afford to lose.
Available licenses are limited to maintain the speed of the platform
Minimum deposit of $250 required to begin trading
Limited advanced functionality compared to more complex exchanges and CDF platforms

Is The News Spy Legitimate? Yes

We tested the software and found it to be as responsive in executing trades as claimed. The interface is incredibly easy to use, while being able to set trading parameters and manage the level of risk is reassuring. 

We found the news feed particularly useful, as it aggregates relevant market sensitive news with helpful expert analysis that can make or break a trade. 

How it works

The News Spy utilizes expert human analysis of cryptocurrency trends and combines it with intelligent robots that analyze market signals and prices to provide a powerful, easy to use trading tool that responds to market sentiment and executes trades within milliseconds. Importantly, users still retain complete control over their trades and adjust the trading settings to their personal specifications including daily stop losses, maximum trade amounts per day and profit targets.

What’s the Best Way to Use News Spy?

We believe The News Spy will provide a trading edge for both the proactive and casual investor alike.

The News Spy can be a useful tool to supplement an existing trading strategy. For example, it could be particularly useful for high-risk short-term trades that require strict parameters and rapid responses.

The more passive investor can set parameters that they are comfortable with and let the automated trading system conduct the trades on their behalf, while leveraging the intelligence of the trading bot.


Overall, we are very impressed with The News Spy, which effectively combines an underrated and much overlooked component of cryptocurrency trading and market sentiment, with a genuinely intelligent algorithmically sound bot. The professional support team and ease of use will also appeal to users who don’t possess the expertise to trade on more complex platforms. 

The News Spy is not the only robot on the market, some of its competitors are also producing good results, see the following reviews for some more profitable bots; Bitcoin Future, Bitcoin Revolution and Crypto Revolt.

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