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Primebit Profit Review 2023

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Author: Basil Kimathi Updated: January 27, 2022

It is important to review a robot carefully to find out if it offers decent trading features. This involves checking what past users had to say about the crypto trading robot. We spent hours going through comments on review sites and found favourable statements. Many users were grateful for how the bot had helped ease the trading burden, with beginners happy with the bot. 

We were impressed by the customer support team, who were available to help out anytime we got stuck on the bot. Even though the robot itself isn't regulated, it associates with highly regulated brokers. 

About PrimeBit Profit Platform / Software

PrimeBit Profit uses sophisticated algorithms integrated with Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). This allows the bot to collect a vast amount of cryptocurrency market data, analyse it and make predictions on the direction where the prices of various coins will take. AI helps the robot make better predictions, while ML helps the robot improve its performance over time, making it more efficient. Once the robot has done the hard work, users can conduct trades by tweaking a few settings. This allows the user to trade the cryptocurrency market around the clock.

PrimeBit Profit Founder & Team

The team behind this auto trader reportedly consists of individuals who have worked in traditional financial markets before as analysts and traders. Having seen the good auto traders such as MetaTrader 4 had done for their users, they sought to establish a similar version for the cryptocurrency space. They assembled a team of reputable developers who helped bring the auto trader to life. The bot claims to use predictive technology to recommend the likely direction that the coin prices will take based on market data analysis. It also associates with reputable brokers to avail its services to users around the globe.

PrimeBit Profit Founder & Team
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Pros and Cons


Saves time.
Easy to use.
Instant payouts.
Trade many crypto coins.
Earn passively.
Trade crypto market around the clock.


The minimum starting capital of $250 may be too high for some users.
Identity verification might not appeal to users that love trading anonymously.

Auto-Trading Guide

1. Open A Free Account

Visit the official website of PrimeBit Profit and open a trading account for free. You have to enter personal information such as user name, email address, phone number and set a strong password. Save the username and password somewhere safe so that you won't get locked out of your account.

2. Make a Deposit

You will be redirected to a reputable broker who operates within your jurisdiction to fund your account and access various markets provided by the bot. Fund your account using any of the payment modes supported. Then you will have to verify your account by uploading a photo of your ID/passport and proof of residence.

3. Start Trading

Once your account has been verified, it's time to trade. If you are new to cryptocurrency trading, visit the demo account, where you will learn how to use the robot. Once you get enough practice, head to the trading dashboard, where you can use the knowledge to set up your strategies and leave the bot to handle the rest for you.

5 Unique Selling Points of PrimeBit Profit

Below let's explore five features that make PrimeBit Profit popular with cryptocurrency traders.

1. Trading Features

PrimeBit Profit boasts a bunch of incredible trading features that beginners and experienced traders will love. The trading dashboard is appealing to the eye, with every feature labelled clearly, making it easy for users of all skill levels to navigate with ease. Also, the website is highly responsive with fast execution of any function inputs.

2. Demo Account

There is a demo account that allows beginners and even experienced traders to practice how to make the most of this platform effectively. If you are new to crypto trading, this is the first place you should visit. It will give you a feel of how the robot works. Once here, you will learn how to set strategies. You can also simulate how strategies would work under certain market conditions, which can inform your trading decisions. The demo account offers free "virtual money" you can practice trading with. Ensure you practice until you feel confident enough to engage in actual trading.

3. Success / Win Rate

PrimeBit Profit boasts a 90%-win rate. This means for every 10 trades, 9 end up successful. However, new users will find it difficult to replicate such high rates initially as the success rate is also determined by the level of experience of the user. New users must start small and gain experience before committing high amounts of capital. 

4. Cryptocurrencies on PrimeBit Profit

PrimeBit Profit has gained a huge share of the automated trading market thanks to solving some problems that existed with past trading bots. One of the issues was the focus on trading a single cryptocurrency. This bot makes it possible to trade over 300 top coins within the market, offering users various options depending on which projects excites them most.

5. Easy to Use

PrimeBit Profit was designed with beginners in mind. It simplifies trading cryptocurrencies which is fairly a complex subject. The goal is to make every step of profiting from cryptocurrencies as easy as possible. The auto bot allows even new investors to trade the crypto market easily.

How to Maximise Your Profits

The section below will share tips on how you can maximise your profitability while using this auto trader. By following the advice offered, you should be on your way to making the most of PrimeBit Profit.

Start Small

This goes for beginner investors who are yet to understand how trading cryptocurrencies works. It's good to start small and let your portfolio grow itself slowly with time. This allows the user to learn how to trade as they use the robot and teaches you the patience that is necessary when trading. Also, if things don't go well, your losses will not be that significant.

Save Some Profits

Don't let greed take over your trading, as this can be disastrous. It's wise to save a small portion of your profits after every successful trade, and this will cover you on rainy days. Also, you can get to settle outside bills or make other investments from profits realized from your trading.

Follow the Advice of Experts

Every expert in a given field had to learn from somewhere. Taking the advice of experts will help you see around the corners. This will save you plenty of time and mistakes that can be avoided by seeking the advice of those that have done it before.

Endorsements and Opinions about PrimeBit Profit

Our team came across numerous rumours of PrimeBit Profit being featured on top television shows. They decided to dedicate some time and investigate if there was any truth to this matter by checking out some of the common shows people claimed the robot had appeared on. 

The first show was Shark Tank. It's an American investment show that is popular with individuals that love entrepreneurship. It features budding entrepreneurs and a panel of self-made businessmen. The entrepreneurs pitch their ideas, and if the judges find it interesting enough, they will offer them the capital they need to fund the idea for a fraction of their company. Our team reviewed several seasons of the show, but there was no mention of this auto trader.

The other show that was linked with this robot was Dragons Den. It's the UK version of Shark Tank. After reviewing several seasons of this show, our team could not find a direct mention of PrimeBit Profit. Another rumour that was flying around during our research was that top celebrities had endorsed the robot. Some claimed Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, Nas, and Lionel Messi had directly recommended this bot to users. Our team dug around to establish if there was any truth to this matter and couldn't find any direct link between these celebrities and the robot. That said, lack of appearance on top financial shows and endorsement from celebrities doesn't make PrimeBit Profit less impressive at what it does.  

Final Thoughts on PrimeBit Profit: Is it a legit option to make money?

Based on online reviews and user testimonials, PrimeBit Profit appears to be an easy to use robot that should appeal to both new and experienced traders. Everything went on smoothly, from signing up, funding, and verifying the account. Setting strategies was easy and required a few minutes to make a few tweaks. We were also impressed by the associated brokers. They were regulated. New users must practise risk management as c crypto trading is a risky activity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There is no definite answer to this, and it depends on how much you have invested in the platform and your experience level.
  2. This auto trader is available worldwide; however, you can check if it's supported in your country on the dropdown menu when signing up.
  3. PrimeBit supports various payment modes, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, third-party payment processors, and crypto.
  4. The first step is setting a strong password and then proceeding to the settings section to activate two-factor authentication (2FA) or mobile notifications. Also, ensure you keep your login details a secret.
  5. Since PrimeBit Profit is an auto trader, all it needs are a few customisations and then it will handle the trading for the user. You will not have to spend much time using the robot. A few minutes or hours every day are enough to set up your strategy.
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