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Immediate Edge Review 2022

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Author: Basil Kimathi Updated: January 27, 2022

In this series of the best cryptocurrency bots available in the market today, we will review Immediate Edge. Unlike most bots that cater to Bitcoin trading only, this robot enables its users to trade various cryptocurrencies all under one account. A quick glance at what people have to say about the robot reveals that it's highly profitable, and in this Immediate Edge review, our team seeks to establish if this is true. 

This will happen by signing up, reviewing the technology and team behind the bot. They will also interact with the trading dashboard and try different functions on offer, like setting up different trading strategies and permitting the bot to trade on their behalf.

About Immediate Edge Platform / Software

After reviewing the trading bot, we realised that Immediate Edge used sophisticated algorithms to collect vast amounts of cryptocurrency market data, analyse it and make predictions on the likely direction the prices of different coins will take. This valuable insight is used to make informed trades on behalf of the user, increasing their chances of success with every trade made. The bot works around the clock collecting information like popular news, events and other influential announcements that are likely to influence the crypto market. This information is processed, and the bot can predict the direction the market is likely to move with a high level of accuracy.

Immediate Edge Founder & Team

This bot was reportedly created by three individuals; Edwin James, Glen Swanson and Peter Muller. They had been early investors within the cryptocurrency space and were inspired to offer a solution that catered for many different coins under the same account after seeing several Bitcoin-focused auto traders launched. They felt that other coins were as important as Bitcoin and quite as profitable, so it was only fair that traders who needed to explore the likes of LTC, EOS and the rest had a way to do so without spending many hours manual trading.

Immediate Edge Founder & Team
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Pros and Cons


The site claims a high success rate
The site claims fast market reaction speeds of 0.01 seconds
Does the analysis and trading for the user
Offers instant payouts
Availability of a demo account to practice strategies
Supports many crypto coins
Has a responsive customer support


The initial deposit of $250 may be too high
Has a limited list of brokers

Auto-Trading Guide

1. Open a Free Account

To start using Immediate Edge, you have to open an account by visiting the bot's official website. The account opening process is free. You will be required to provide personal information like your name, email address and phone number. Then you will have to set a strong password to protect your account. The next page will require additional information like your net worth, income source, residence address and past experience as a trader. Don't let this more personal information spook you as they are trying to determine the best account for you. 

2. Make a Deposit

The next step will involve making the initial deposit with the minimum allowed amount being $250. You will see several modes of payments that are supported, including bank/wire transfers, credit/debit cards and e-wallets. The method you choose will determine how fast the funds get to your trading account. 

3. Start Trading

Once the funds hit your account, it's time to trade, but you have to verify your account before you are allowed to proceed. You will be asked to upload a photo of your official ID or driver's license and a photo of a utility bill like an electricity bill with your official name and address clearly visible. If the information offered is correct, your account will be approved, and you can live trade. 

5 Unique Selling Points of Immediate Edge

To stand out from the other trading robots, Immediate Edge has had to offer a few unique features that we will look at below.

1. Trading Features

The trading dashboard of Immediate Edge is wonderfully designed with traders of all skill levels in mind. It's easy enough for beginners to navigate as everything is neatly arranged and well labelled and still has a few advanced functions that cater to the more sophisticated trader. Additionally, there are educational resources to help one understand how to use the robot.

2. Demo Account

The demo account is a wonderful addition for both beginners and expert traders. It's the first place a beginner should start to get a feel of how the robot works, and once they are confident enough, they can progress to live trade. It's also useful for the expert trader who would like to test different trading strategies under real market conditions before implementing them in their trades. 

3. Success / Win Rate

By employing sophisticated algorithms and smart analytics, Immediate Edge can carry out market analysis, decipher vast amounts of data and make instant predictions on which direction the price of a given coin will go. This information is used to execute trades on behalf of the user with a high success rate. 

4. Cryptocurrencies on Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge supports trading of over 100 popular cryptocurrencies allowing its users access to an impressive list of highly profitable coins. 

5. Reputation

From the start, the creators of Immediate Edge knew how important reputation was to their businesses. They have built a dedicated community of tech gurus and followers who offer constant feedback on new features and how to improve the platform, ensuring the robot is continuously performing reliably to meet the demands of its many users.

How to Maximise Your Profits

Below we will go over a few tips that can help you make the most of this trading software.

Start Small

If you are completely new to trading, you have no businesses investing huge amounts of money, yet you don't understand how trading works. Lucky for you, Immediate Edge is an auto trader that will do most of the work for you, therefore, it doesn't hurt to start small as you learn the best strategies to make money on the bot.

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

The SEC and a few other regulatory bodies require crypto traders to file taxes for all their crypto trades. You could have placed hundreds of thousands of trades in one year, and the situation could get messy if you don't keep a detailed record of your activities.

Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose

Finally, since Immediate Edge claims a high success rate, you may be tempted to invest big sums to make more from your trades. However, this is a slippery slope, and there is a risk of losing all your savings or profits if you are not careful. The golden rule dictates that you invest only what you can afford to lose. Let your capital grow itself slowly.

Endorsements & Opinions About Immediate Edge

Before this research, our team came across rumours that Immediate Edge had been featured on popular financial tv shows like Shark Tank and Dragons Den. They also found rumours of endorsements by several celebrities. After investing considerable time reviewing episodes of both shows and even checking published celebrity statements, the team couldn't find any substantial evidence linking the bot to the shows or any particular celebrity. 

The team wasn't surprised, though, since most of these rumours are fake, but this doesn't take away from what a useful trading robot Immediate Edge is as evidenced by many online reviews and testimonials. 

Final Thoughts on Immediate Edge: Is It a Legit Option to Make Money?

Based on our findings, Immediate Edge appears to be a legitimate cryptocurrency trading robot that helps users trade several popular cryptocurrencies easily and in the same account. The signup process is fast and straightforward. Depositing is easy since several payment modes are supported, and all one needs is to set their strategy and permit the robot to conduct trades on their behalf. Then ensure you spare a few minutes each day to adjust your strategy. The bot offers instant payments, and you can make withdrawals immediately, with all requests processed within 24 hours.

Additionally, the bot employs the services of regulated brokers who cater to their broad customer base globally. These brokers adhere to different regulations ensuring no fraud takes place. Also, security on the platform is top-notch. The bot employs SSL certificates to secure user accounts from bad actors, ensuring user funds are always safe. If you run into any trouble while using the platform, you can ask for help from customer support or visit their vast educational resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can own on this robot as long as you can get them verified by following their rules.
  2. Since it's an auto trader, less than one hour a day is enough to check if everything is going according to plan.
  3. No. This bot is completely free and makes its money by taking spreads on different trades.
  4. As much as you want to, the amount is determined by how much you invest but it’s always best to start small since investing in cryptocurrencies is risky.
  5. Yes. Unlike Bitcoin only auto traders, this robot allows users to access many other crypto coins.
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