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Bitqh App Review 2023

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Author: Harshini Nag Updated: January 27, 2022

The BitQH App is a technology-driven investment solution with a risk element just like daily commodity, stocks and forex trading. The cutting-edge technology of this crypto trading bot is that it analyses and recognises Bitcoin CFD trading opportunities for users’ profitability. With Bitcoin controlling up to 70 per cent of the crypto market capitalisation, using the app provides users with profit-making opportunities. 

Users who understand how the app works have reported online that this crypto trading solution is safe and legit, having made profits with it. Others have posted their feedback on the bot homepage to highlight that the bot works as described. 

About BitQH App Platform / Software

This app requires that users reinvest up to 60 per cent of their profits in order for them to have optimal returns.  The instructions provided on the bot’s profitability shows that users are expected to adhere to them to have the desired results. As users make their trading deposit, the app converts it to bitcoin, recommending trading positions that will yield optimal returns on investment and executing them. Expected profitability targets for each user is predicted by the app as a guide to possible income levels.

BitQH App Founder & Team

The creator of the app is not stated on its homepage but claims on its website indicate that there is a network of regulated brokers that make it possible for investors to use it around the world. 

As individuals register to use the bot, they are matched automatically with brokers within their territory of residence. Each broker provides the platform for the investor to pay and monitor the investment made. 

Access to BitQH App is guaranteed for everyone who uses a broker on the app network.  While several brokers are available, the investor cannot determine a broker to use as the platform is designed to do this in a systematic manner.

BitQH App Founder & Team
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Pros and Cons


Easy to use
A low minimum deposit of $250
AI-driven analytics
No license fees
Access on mobile and desktop devices is supported


Investors can only trade Bitcoin CFDs

Auto-Trading Guide

1. Open a Free Account

An individual must register an account to be able to use the app. Details such as investor name, phone number and email address are required at this stage. You will have to authenticate your new account opening request by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your provided email address.

2. Make a Deposit

A deposit of the minimum amount of $250 must be made to activate trading. Deposits are allowed using a number of options like debit and credit card, bank transfer and wire deposits. Most deposits made are received within a day.

3. Start Trading

You will be able to start trading after your deposit is confirmed. You need to now set your trade preferences like how much per trade, your withdrawal frequency, etc.  You can withdraw your profits each day for any portion that you are not reinvesting.

5 Unique Selling Points of BitQH App

Many bots share various features although some do have a few unique selling points. Here are the features to expect from the BitQH App.

1. Trading Features

Using this app is beneficial to both newbies and experienced investors. A new account holder is entitled to a 100 per cent welcome bonus. In addition, a further new deposit bonus of 50 per cent is granted to users so that they can recoup their investments just as they start trading. A user can go ahead and withdraw the bonus if that is the personal preference or may reinvest the same for better profitability.

The AI algorithm built into the app ensures that profitable opportunities are quickly identified as they arise. In addition, with the automated trading design, no computation or analysis needs to be done manually. The app researches all opportunities and executes them automatically.

2. Demo Account

With the demo account feature, users are able to trade positions without having to fear losing their deposits. Demo accounts allow you an opportunity to get used to how the bot works, gain insight into its operations and be confident when you commence live trading.

3. Success / Win Rate

The app reports a high success rate on its website. This app is reportedly optimised for high returns as it is able to get trade analytics from unfolding market data before they are reported. As such, users have an upper hand in benefiting from the impact of breaking news and unfolding developments on the markets.

4. Cryptocurrencies on BitQH App 

This app trades with Bitcoin and matches it with portable CFDs. As market prices fluctuate heavily, the app moves rapidly to create positions that will yield the desired profits for these trading pairs.

5. Optimising CFD Profits

While many crypto trading bots are silent about CFDs, this app specifically mentions that its algorithm bets on crypto CFDs for optimal profits. Although CFDs are highly volatile, they also reportedly provide a high rate of return. A CFD bets on the price of an underlying asset so that at maturity, the difference in the price of the opening and closing trade is settled in cash. Trading CFDs through a trading bot like BitQH is reportedly easy even for inexperienced traders.

How to Maximise Your Profits

Many investment experts recommend that investors should use best practices when trading cryptocurrency. Some of these steps are:

Start Small

It is inherent in human nature to desire immediate results and to make it big. While these expectations are genuine, each investor needs to think and act progressively using a bottom-up approach. Investors are told not to be ashamed of starting small. When people begin with $250 in investment and grow their portfolio, they would have learned a lot of lessons and avoided the unhealthy risks that could drive them into bankruptcy.

Save Some Profits

On the bot homepage, it is stated that users should reinvest up to 60 per cent of their profits in order to meet their investment goals in due time. While this is the case, each investor is also left with at least 40 per cent of unused profit. Each profit not reinvested might be better off withdrawn into a bank account. Investment gurus insist that withdrawing profits is a risk management tool.

Follow the Advice of Experts

It might be difficult to get a chance to sit with mentors on a one-to-one basis as a result of physical distance or the financial cost of getting such an opportunity. However, many experts are on social media and their thoughts and advice are in the public domain. An investor can learn from these online posts and apply the lessons for better outcomes.

Endorsements and Opinions about BitQH App 

Many online reports do point to the endorsement of the app on TV shows such as Dragons Den and Shark Tank. We looked for credible information to back up those reports, but we did not find any evidence to support these claims. While such endorsements are good, if they are not available, they do not validate whether the app is authentic or not.

Elon Musk

Elon is a global name in business and one of the richest men in the world. While he has voiced support for cryptocurrencies on Twitter, we did not find any evidence that he has endorsed BitQH App.

Floyd Mayweather 

This boxing legend is a known name in brand endorsements globally. We have not come across verifiable evidence that he endorsed the app.


This African American music superstar has hugged the headlines several times for his Cryptocurrency-powered territory that is still in the works in Senegal. He has not publicly endorsed the BitQH App.

Final Thoughts on BitQH App: Is it a legit option to make money?

From online accounts, BitQH App is described by several users as a profitable crypto trading solution that can be trusted. The app features automated trading optimised by AI-efficiencies which reduces the risk of errors and losses according to the product description on its homepage. By betting on crypto CFDs, the app takes advantage of the high returns that they offer. 

By their nature, CFDs are a bet on the future price of the underlying assets. Since the bot does the betting on behalf of users, the success rates reported are better, based on technological competence over manual efforts.

Investors need to take note that a mix of risk management practices with an understanding of how the bot works may be the best strategy for navigating crypto markets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Yes. The app is free, but you need to pay a minimum deposit to start trading.
  2. The required minimum deposit is $250.
  3. Yes. The app provides a free demo account.
  4. Users are given a 100 per cent welcome bonus and a 50 per cent re-deposit bonus.
  5. No but users are advised to reinvest up to 60 per cent of their profits for better risk management. The unused profits are easily withdrawn.
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