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The people are getting ready for the financial world and the much-maligned banking system to be seriously disrupted. While the markets may have crashed in 2018, the growth of the infrastructure behind Bitcoin never really slowed down. Bitcoin, and the blockchain technology that powers it, is now a more mature market ready to move into the next phase.

Nothing goes up in a straight line, however, and the volatility of embryonic markets like Bitcoin leaves a lot of money on the table. What if there was a way to capitalize on crypto volatility, buying the dips and selling the peaks on the way up? Enter Bitcoin Rush, an automatic Bitcoin trading bot that aims to do just that.

What is Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency many people are predicting will be the next global reserve currency. But to date, Bitcoin has been extremely volatile. These rapid price fluctuations are caused by the emotional nature of the market and people buying and selling based on greed and fear. Bitcoin rush aims to capitalize on this volatility with an automatic trading app that can predict market trends and act on them with speeds not typically available to the retail trader.


Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 89%
Performance - 91%
Ease of use - 86%
Customer service - 85%
App - 93%
Profitability - 89%
Reputation - 98%
Fast withdrawals - 87%
Security - 91%
User testimonials - 93%

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Whos behind

Who is behind Bitcoin Rush?

The team behind Bitcoin Rush has been trading Bitcoin since 2009. In the early days, they found it was easy to stay ahead of the market with technical analysis (TA) alone. With the arrival of larger, institutional players, however, they noted the increasing difficulty in making profitable shorter-term trades. 

Like on Wall Street, the big players, or ‘whales’, had employed sophisticated trading bots, which could identify and respond to market movements much faster than manual traders. The team’s answer to this problem was to design an automatic Bitcoin trading bot for retail investors, with speeds that could rival the big players and outperform the majority of the market.

Start Trading in 3 easy steps


It takes only a few minutes to create a new Bitcoin Rush account. After confirming the information, you will be prompted to create a secure password.

Make a Deposit

Bitcoin Rush requires a minimum $250 deposit. Fortunately, many payment options are supported on the website.

Start Trading

Within a few clicks, set the automatic trading bot to work. Bitcoin Rush enables you to set your profit targets and minimize potential losses with a stop loss feature.

What People are Saying About Bitcoin Rush

Photo of Gabriel Schaefer

I love the promise of Bitcoin, the clever economics behind it and the fact it is immutable and incorruptible. However, I found just holding it to be an immensely stressful experience. With Bitcoin Rush, I have allocated a portion of my holdings to be traded by the automatic system to make a passive income to convert into more Bitcoin. So far I have managed to increase my overall Bitcoin holdings by 10% using the software

- Gabriel Schaefer

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Pros & Cons


Free account creation with no fees
Faster response times than the average market trade
High degree of accuracy in determining market direction
Monitored by experienced and licensed brokers
Award-winning proprietary software


Not without risk. Trade only what you can afford to lose.
Limited licenses available due to high demand
Minimum deposit of $250 required to begin trading

Is Bitcoin Rush Legitimate? Yes

We found Bitcoin Rush to be a legitimate automatic trading platform. The number of user testimonials, the SSL encryption on the platform and the fact that all trades are monitored by licensed and experienced brokers all point to Bitcoin Rush being a completely legitimate trading platform like The News Spy and Crypto Revolt.

We were able to deposit and withdraw funds quickly and without incident. The fact Bitcoin Rush has been recognized by the United States Trading Association with an award speaks volumes.

How Bitcoin Rush Works

Bitcoin Rush utilizes a unique trading algorithm finely tuned to the Bitcoin market and its rampant volatility. Bitcoin Rush analyses market signals to enter and exit trades with speeds 0.01 seconds faster than the average trade. It may not sound like a lot but in a market as volatile as Bitcoin, a 0.01-second advantage can mean the difference between a winning and losing trade. Institutional money knows this and that’s why they use bots to outperform manual traders, no matter the market direction. 

What’s the Best Way to Use Bitcoin Rush?

We believe Bitcoin Rush is best used as a supplemental tool in an overall investment strategy. Bitcoin Rush could be particularly useful for capitalizing on short-term and complementing a longer-term strategy.

Passive investors can benefit from Bitcoin Rush’s ability to run automatically in the background with preset trading rules, essentially alleviating the requirement to keep an eye on the market at all times.


We were particularly surprised by the speed of the Bitcoin Rush’s automatic trading bot in executing trades. The user interface is intuitive enough for a beginner trader to use, while the risk management features like automatic stop losses were a huge plus and would be useful to even the most seasoned trader. 

The professional support team was always on hand to help out with any questions we had. All in all, we thought Bitcoin Rush provides retail traders with a clever tool to compete with the professionals.


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