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Cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology that underpins it, burst onto the scene in recent years. It offers many advantages over the traditional financial system. It is immutable, trustless, frictionless, can transfer value from one place in the world to another with record speed and it enables people to essentially ‘be their own bank’.

Smart money, including institutions and hedge funds, are scrambling to add cryptocurrencies to their portfolios as they have a real chance of outperforming any asset class in history.

The only problem for the average investor is its notorious volatility. Bitcoin Revolution takes an innovative approach by capitalizing on these price swings with a combination of proven technical analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) and speed.

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

The cryptocurrency market is no ordinary market and Bitcoin Revolution is no ordinary trading bot.

Utilizing the power of AI, Bitcoin Revolution’s algorithm analyzes key market signals from global cryptocurrency exchanges using a historically proven technical analysis system to identify trends before automatically executing trades in speeds that outperform the average market trade by 0.01 seconds.


Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 97%
Performance - 87%
Ease of use - 91%
Customer service - 93%
App - 96%
Profitability - 90%
Reputation - 90%
Fast withdrawals - 97%
Security - 92%
User testimonials - 96%

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Whos behind

Who is behind Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is the brainchild of a team of former Bitcoin brokers who became frustrated with institutional traders’ ability to collate more accurate market data and simply trade faster. 

Inspired by the world-renowned ‘TD Indicator & Sequential System’ from the 1990s, they sought to improve on this revered system and incorporate it into a smart algorithm trading bot, expressly designed for cryptocurrency trading.  


Start Trading in 3 easy steps


Simply visit the Bitcoin Revolution website and register with your email and full name. No fees are required.

Make a Deposit

A deposit of $250 is necessary to begin live trading, or first, familiarise yourself through a demo account.

Start Trading

With one click, users can then begin trading with the automatic bot.

What People are Saying About Bitcoin Revolution

Photo of Dorothea Kreutzberg

I don’t know how it does it, but Bitcoin Revolution has an uncanny knack of predicting when the market is going to turn. I generally like to hold Bitcoin for the long term but there is no sense leaving money on the table during the ups and downs. The AI appears to do a great job of identifying market direction. Very impressed.

- Dorothea Kreutzberg

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Pros & Cons


No fees or commissions charged to trade
Collects data and identifies trends in real-time
Funds secured from unauthorized access
Access to 24/7 customer support
Easy to use even for beginners


Still has some risk. Trade only what you can afford to lose
A limited number of licenses available
$250 is the minimum trading deposit

Is Bitcoin Revolution Legitimate? Yes

We studied Bitcoin Revolution’s technology and found it is a legitimate trading tool. The professional and intuitive user interface is easy to use yet the functionality of what Bitcoin Revolution can do is still impressive. Experienced traders are able to employ measures to mitigate risks on the platform. The overwhelmingly positive testimonials from traders also attest to the technology’s legitimacy and usefulness.

How Bitcoin Revolution Works

Bitcoin Revolution utilizes a world-renowned trading system to isolate prospective exhaustion points in trading ranges and anticipates market tops and bottoms.

In other words, the Bitcoin Revolution algorithm has been programmed to identify patterns that overwhelmingly indicate a coin has been overbought or oversold or when trading sentiment is invariably at an extreme.

Bitcoin Revolution’s AI determines these key exhaustion ranges with greater precision than humans can, while also executing trades faster than 95% of the market.

What’s the Best Way to Use Bitcoin Revolution?

We believe Bitcoin Revolution is best used to complement an existing trading/investing strategy. The software seems particularly useful in gauging sentiment on cryptocurrencies when they are reaching a local top or bottom.

Having Bitcoin Revolution working in the background to scalp trades is a good potential strategy in gaining value from volatile price movements, even if the overall market price is trending down.


Our overall analysis of Bitcoin Revolution determined it to be an efficient and robust automatic cryptocurrency trading platform, which leverages an intelligent algorithm, based on proven technical analysis principles.

Bitcoin Revolution was particularly efficient at identifying opportune moments to capitalize on changes in trend, while the bot executed trades with blistering speed. The platform was easy to use and the customer support team was always on hand to assist with inquiries.

It can be compared with other popular robots like Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Trader, but we do feel that some of Bitcoin Revolution's results are better than those mentioned.

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