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Bitcoin Power Review- Is it Safe and Legit?

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The developers behind Bitcoin Power claim that it is one of the best trading robots currently available to cryptocurrency users. Reportedly, its use of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms makes it a standout performer in the market.

However, users should always exercise caution because of the cryptocurrency market's volatility. It results in massive price swings that often leads to huge losses within a short period of time. The Bitcoin Power app claims it's algorithm works in tandem with the market and generates profits for the users with ease.

About Bitcoin Power Platform/ Software

Bitcoin Power is an automated trading robot that has been around for more than a year. It was developed to trade Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies as CFDs. The developers tag it as the best crypto trading robot available to expert and newbie traders.

The team's interest and a strong belief in blockchain technology and Bitcoin spurred them to create this robot trading software. Bitcoin's impressive growth in terms of market value and adoption over the past few years is another remarkable feat to note.

To make the Bitcoin Power a universal software, the developers made the user-interface to be sleek, clean and easy to navigate. Thus, making Bitcoin Power easy for anyone to use. The developers further claim that Bitcoin Power trades the cryptocurrency markets using one of the most advanced artificial intelligence programs ever developed in the Bitcoin space.

Reportedly, the software can accurately accumulate a vast amount of data and process them faster than any human trader. It goes on to carry out fundamental and technical analyses of each cryptocurrency quickly and efficiently. Afterwards, it generates the trading signals that would be generated to earn a potential profit.

The platform claims it is linked with regulated and reputable brokers who handle all transactions on behalf of the traders. These brokers follow the guidelines set by regulatory agencies such as the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and others.

Several reviews and online reports suggest that traders earn over $1,000 as pure profits per day when they access the cryptocurrency market using the Bitcoin Power app. However, we feel this is an unrealistic amount and difficult to replicate without higher capital and sufficient experience. The initial deposit of $250 is claimed to be enough to get started with this software.

While Bitcoin remains the dominant cryptocurrency, this software doesn't only trade Bitcoin as it also adds other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Founder and Team

The Bitcoin Power app is the creation of an enthusiastic team of expert computer scientists and experienced cryptocurrency traders. Their decades of financial markets experience were put into use when they developed a software that could help ordinary people enjoy the cryptocurrency market opportunities.

The algorithm reportedly took three years to develop, and it was specially designed to ensure that Bitcoin Power becomes an appealing software to both experienced and newbie traders. The team claims its algorithm was derived from investment banks' secret strategies and tweaked them to support the cryptocurrency market.

After a year in the beta testing phase, the Bitcoin Power app was officially launched to the public with the belief that it is a highly profitable trading robot. The software is now available to everyone for free.

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Pros and Cons


The $250 minimum deposit is affordable
Offers both automated and manual trading options
Bitcoin Power accepts a wide range of payment options, including credit and debit cards, Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Western Union and WebMoney
It reportedly transacts with regulated brokers and trading platforms


The Bitcoin Power platform doesn't have a mobile app yet

Auto Trading Guide

STEP 1: Open a Free Account

Register a free Bitcoin Power account to start trading cryptocurrencies with the software. Visit the official Bitcoin Power website and complete the signup form available on the homepage's right-hand corner. Proceed to verify your ID after confirming your details and activating the new account.

STEP 2: Fund the account

Funding your newly created Bitcoin Power account is the second step. The minimum deposit sum is $250, and it allows you to use the Bitcoin Power app to open real positions in the crypto market. The software immediately starts analysing the markets and executing trades on your behalf to ensure maximum profitability.

STEP 3: Start Trading

Before the Bitcoin Power app starts trading for you, you need to choose your preferred trading parameters. These are instructions that would guide the software on how to trade the cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Power analyses the markets and executes the trades for you. If it generates profits, you can withdraw them to your bank account.

5 Unique Selling Points of Bitcoin Power

Bitcoin Power is an appealing auto-trading software because of the following features:

1. Trading Features

The Bitcoin Power app caters to expert and novice traders by offering automated and manual trading options. The automated option for the novice traders sees them enjoy market analysis and order execution with little effort. The expert traders can choose more action using the manual option, allowing them to choose the signals to execute.

2. Demo Account

The Bitcoin Power app users get to learn how the software's algorithm works first hand before depositing real money, thanks to the demo account. Users learn new trading strategies and other important trading aspects using the demo account loaded with virtual funds. Overall, it allows traders to test the advanced algorithm against real-market price action.

3. Success / Win Rate

The Bitcoin Power app claims to have a success rate of roughly 90%. The automated nature of the software makes it possible to accumulate and analyse more data. Thus, allowing the app to analyse the markets faster and execute orders more efficiently than a manual trader.

4. Cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin Power

The Bitcoin Power app focuses mostly on Bitcoin as it is the leading and most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. However, for increased liquidity and profit opportunities, the app also trades a few other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

5. Software customisation

The Bitcoin Power software is easily customisable. It allows the users to choose the trading parameters to deploy when trading the cryptocurrencies. Thus, allowing users to set the software to align with their risk level and other trading goals. Both novice and expert traders can choose the trading option that suits their experience level.  

How to Maximise Your Profits

These steps can help you maximise your profits when trading with the Bitcoin Power app.

Start small

Investment experts globally always advise to start small and grow from there. No matter how large your budget is, start small and see the results of the process. You can increase your trading capital after enjoying some favourable results.

Save to reinvest

Another important suggestion is to save part of your profits and reinvest it into the system. Reinvesting part of your profits allows you to steadily build your trading capital and create room for more profit.

Only invest what you can lose

This is a key piece of advice every financial planner would give you. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and the massive swing in prices could result in huge losses. Hence, don't lose all your life-saving in the market by sticking to investing only what you can afford to lose.

Endorsements and Opinions about Bitcoin Power

The rumours on social media threw the Bitcoin Power app into the spotlight by linking it with a few TV shows and certain popular figures. These reports claim the Bitcoin Power developers pitched their ideas on entrepreneurial TV shows like the Shark Tank (US) and Dragons Den (UK). They further claimed that Elon Musk and Richard Branson have staked in the software. However, the developers refuted those claims. However, Bitcoin Power not getting endorsed by any popular figure doesn't make the app any less effective as reports suggest that it performs well.

Final Thoughts on Bitcoin Power: Is it a legit option to make money?

Bitcoin Power is reportedly a unique and top-tier automated trading robot designed to trade BTC and a few other cryptos. The several reports from the developers and users show that the Bitcoin Power app conducts market analysis for the traders and proceeds to execute the trades on their behalf. All these are to ease the trading process for the users. It offers the manual option for expert traders and a wide range of other features. Despite the various positive reviews, cryptocurrency trading remains risky due to the volatile nature of the market. Hence, learning fundamental and technical analyses and following daily crypto news will help you get a better sense of direction and insight on how to trade Bitcoin and the others.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Several users have reported earning daily profits when using the Bitcoin Power app to trade Bitcoin and a host of other cryptocurrencies. However, profits are largely determined by the amount of capital deployed and the strategy used by a trader.

  2. Opening a new Bitcoin Power account is free for everyone. The developers don't charge registration fees, deposit and withdrawal fees or profit commissions. Furthermore, using the software to trade is free.

  3. No, that isn't possible. The Bitcoin Power app converts your profits to your local currency before depositing them into the bank account attached to your profile. When using the Bitcoin Power app, the platform deals with the cryptos and send you the fiat currency.

  4. The Bitcoin Power app is an automated trading software and, as such, demands less work from the users. According to the developers, users only need to put in a maximum of 20 minutes per day of work, and the software will take care of the rest.

  5. The Bitcoin Power app was designed to trade Bitcoin mainly, but it also trades a few other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

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