Bitcoin Lifestyle Review

In 2009, Bitcoin made its grand appearance. Since then, it’s popularity gained so much prominence, that an entire industry of cryptocurrency was born. 

In a mere decade, Bitcoin proved its significance. This cryptocurrency, with its principles and the rising value, is often described as the next ‘digital gold’. Consequently, everyone wants to try their hand at this new investment opportunity. Hence, different methods of Bitcoin trading have emerged in the market. 

Alongside cryptocurrency trading, supportive infrastructure driven by modern technologies has also erupted. A popular example of these are robots or auto traders, facilitating beginners and traders to effectively trade using market data analysis with quicker speed than humanly possible. In this article, we are going to review one such robot; Bitcoin Lifestyle.

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is an automated software specifically designed for crypto trading. It uses an algorithm, backed by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning, that automates crypto trading techniques. 

Bitcoin Lifestyle, uses strategies derived from vast quantities of data and insights by experienced traders to speculate on profitable opportunities. It uses a pre-defined algorithm to predict shifts in Bitcoin’s prices and as each step is automated, the user can simply relax and allow the software to trade on their behalf.

The system works quite well for those who are unfamiliar with the technical knowledge of cryptocurrency, allowing them to get involved in Bitcoin trading. Moreover, the robot can analyze an otherwise insurmountable amount of data within seconds and make decisions accordingly. 

Features & Functionality

Authenticity - 87%
Performance - 98%
Ease of use - 86%
Customer service - 99%
App - 98%
Profitability - 86%
Reputation - 85%
Fast withdrawals - 95%
Security - 91%
User testimonials - 94%

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Whos behind

Who Is Behind Bitcoin Lifestyle

Although the website does not make any specific mention of the team behind the Bitcoin Lifestyle, this is not unusual for this industry. Upon further testing, we felt that the robot must have been created by well-experienced crypto traders and software developers. 


Start Trading in 3 easy steps


The first step is to register on the platform which requires filling your name, email, phone number, and a password.

Make a Deposit

In order to begin trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle, you need to make a deposit of $250. This deposit will instantly be reflected in your account

Start Trading

Once your account is set up, you will be required to decide trade settings. This includes defining limits for minimal risks.

What People Are Saying About Bitcoin Lifestyle

Photo of Joel Bierkamp

I have been following the space of Bitcoin and blockchain for a while now. I realize that the potential of currency like Bitcoin is huge. However, I am completely unfamiliar with the technical jargon of trading for cryptocurrency. Using Bitcoin Lifestyle gave me, an utter beginner, an opportunity to own a piece of Bitcoin. It is fairly easy to set up and the customer service is on-point

- Joel Bierkamp

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Pros & Cons


Zero Trading Skills- Completely operated and executed by robot software, it requires zero trading skills or knowledge in the field.
Advanced Technologies- The platform uses sophisticated technologies like A.I. and Machine learning to analyze data, charts, and graphs.
Easy Withdrawals- You can withdraw your earnings whenever you want without any restriction of time or minimum amount.
Deposit Methods- A wide range of deposit methods that include VISA, Mastercard, bank credit and debit cards, Neteller, and Bitcoin are available.
Data Security- The platform is secured with high-level encryption for data safety and protection.


Offline Trading- Current version does not support offline trading.
Limited Cryptocurrency- There is a limited number of cryptocurrencies available for trading.
Degree of Risk - Automated trading comes with its own set of risks. Only invest an amount that you can afford to lose.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Legitimate?

Yes. The platform is completely legitimate and people certainly seem to have profited using Bitcoin Lifestyle. The success stories and testimonials from its users suggest that the platform is trustworthy. Moreover, these testimonials indicate that people with unfamiliar backgrounds in cryptocurrency or general trade have also been able to leverage the platform’s software. 

Bitcoin Lifestyle is easy to use and they takes data protection very seriously. Some users have also reported making an average of $150 in profit per day using this platform. 

What’s the Best Way to Use Bitcoin Lifestyle?

We have already established the fact that this automatic robot trading is perfect for beginners. But, even an experienced trader can leverage the platform’s software to indulge in profitable trading. We feel that this bot can also be effective as a risk mitigation factor against manual trading. 


Robot trading is gaining significant popularity, especially in the cryptocurrency market. This relatively new trading instrument works 24/7 and is renowned for its volatility. By offering live trading charts and constantly monitoring incoming data streams, robots offer a better chance of conducting profitable crypto trading. 


Bitcoin Lifestyle seems to have achieved a level of credibility with its algorithm, features, and customer service. Other notable robot software programs include Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Code, and Crypto Revolt

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