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Bitcoin Future Review 2022

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Author: Basil Kimathi Updated: January 27, 2022

In this Bitcoin Future review, our team sought to find out how legitimate this trading robot was and if it was as successful as it was claimed by many online. They signed up to the platform to get a feel of different aspects of the bot, like making deposits, trading, and making withdrawals. 

There was research on the people behind the project, which is crucial since a legit project should have nothing to hide, and our team even reached out to customer support with different queries to see how they responded. Below is a detailed summary of what our team found out.

About Bitcoin Future Platform / Software

Our team found out that Bitcoin Future uses advanced technology with sophisticated algorithms, making it possible to collect relevant information on Bitcoin (BTC) – all the micro and macro events likely to affect its price either positively or negatively and then makes predictions on the likely route the price will take. 

These calculations are made at lightning-fast speeds that are impossible to replicate by a human trader, thereby offering the user an edge and raising their success rate on trades incredibly. Since the bot is automated, minimal time is required to set up your strategy before leaving the machine to handle the trading for you.  

Bitcoin Future Founder & Team

John Roberts is reportedly the man behind Bitcoin Future. He is an avid start-up investor with many years of experience. He was looking to venture into the cryptocurrency market; therefore, he linked up with two individuals who had spent most of their careers developing auto traders for forex and commodities markets. Together they decided to create a similar auto trader but one that catered to the cryptocurrency market. Roberts funded the project, and his fellow teammates got to work. After four months of development and several rounds of testing, Bitcoin Future was launched towards the end of 2015.

Bitcoin Future Founder & Team
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Pros and Cons


Fast payouts
Saves time on trades
Responsive customer support
Beginner-friendly dashboard
Plenty of educational resources to learn from
Availability of a demo account to practice different strategies


It only serves Bitcoin
Limited number of brokers supported

Auto-Trading Guide

1. Open a Free Account

To get started on Bitcoin Future, you have to visit the official website, where you will have to open a new account. Fill in the personal details required, including name, email address, phone number, residence address, and set a strong password. 

2. Make a Deposit

During testing, our team was linked to a broker that happened to operate within our jurisdiction and asked to make a deposit of $250 which is the minimum acceptable amount. For this purpose, there were many payment modes supported, including e-wallets, debit/credit cards, and bank transfers. Choose the most suitable method for you and make the deposit. The amount will instantly reflect on your Bitcoin Future account, but if it delays, don't panic since different modes have different processing times. 

3. Start trading

With funds in your account, it's time to trade. But, before you are allowed to proceed, you have to verify your account. Since Bitcoin Future associates with regulated brokers in various jurisdictions, they need to know who their customers are due to different regulations like KYC and AML. You will be required to upload a photo of your government-issued ID and an official document like a bank statement that indicates your place of residence. Once everything checks out, you will be taken to the trading dashboard. 

5 Unique Selling Points of Bitcoin Future

To be among the leading Bitcoin trading bots, Bitcoin Future has had to offer some unique features that help it stand out from the competition. Below we will look at five of them, which make it reliable and highly successful.

1. Trading Features

Bitcoin Future stands out from the rest by offering a simply designed user interface that is quite welcoming to beginner traders. But don't let that put you away if you are an experienced trader as it will also serve all your needs. The markets, charts, and market orders are neatly arranged, making it easy to navigate. There is a one-click function to place or cancel trades and a live chat box where you can ask for help.

2. Demo Account

The demo account exists to help one test different strategies and see the likely results before committing actual money. Bitcoin Future will offer you around $100,000 in this account, and you can trade under normal market conditions to see how your strategy fairs. This account also helps new users get acquainted with the trading bot and understand how to place trades.

3. Success / Win Rate

As reported by many users, with a market-leading reaction time of 0.01 seconds faster than the typical bot, Bitcoin Future can ensure a higher success rate on trades placed. The robot employs advanced algorithms that help it analyze vast amounts of market data and make predictions on the likely direction Bitcoin's price will take before using that insight to place trades for the user.

4. Cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin Future

Judging by its name, it's not difficult to know which coins are supported by this bot. It offers its users the ability to profit from the top leading cryptocurrency BTC. Even though some people would love it if more coins are supported, the robot ensures it's the best at what it does by focusing on a single coin.

5. Reputation

Over the past four years, Bitcoin Future has managed to establish itself as one of the best and most reliable auto traders available in the market today. Any bugs within the software are quickly addressed, and the public is kept aware of any ongoings, which has helped build trust within its community.

How to Maximise Your Profits

There are a few ways you can make the most of this trading robot. By following the three tips we offer below, you should be good to start making money with Bitcoin Future.

Start Small

As reported by many users, Bitcoin Future offers a tremendous success rate on trades placed, and you can make a lot of money using the bot. This doesn't mean your greed for big money should blind you, so you decide to invest all your savings at the start. One golden rule of investing is starting small and letting your capital grow itself over time.

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

With cryptocurrencies being relatively new, regulations have been slow to catch up. But, slowly, regulators are catching up. Today some jurisdictions require you to file taxes for profits made from trading crypto. And this is why it's essential to keep a detailed record of all your trades.

Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose

This is another tip that is tied to the first one that we shared. For any investment you make, you should only invest what you can afford to lose. In case things don't go well, you can live to fight another day. But imagine putting all the money you have to settle your bills on a trade, and it backfires. That would be such an unpleasant situation. 

Endorsements & Opinions About Bitcoin Future

Part of this Bitcoin Future review involved checking if a celebrity has ever endorsed this trading bot. We have seen plenty like Snoop Dogg, Dj Khaled, and Gordon Ramsey speak favorably about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. So, our team sought to find out if any of them had endorsed Bitcoin Future. Unfortunately, they couldn't find any evidence.

The next question was if the bot had ever been featured on popular financial tv shows? The team went over episodes of shows like Dragons Den and Shark tank to see if the robot's founders had ever appeared on the shows. Even though there were several incidences where cryptocurrencies are featured, there wasn't a specific mention of Bitcoin Future. 

Lack of endorsement aside, our researchers were pleased to discover this bot did everything users claimed in their reviews and online testimonials.

Final Thoughts on Bitcoin Future: Is It a Legit Option to Make Money?

Our extensive research reveals that Bitcoin Future is popular for a reason among Bitcoin traders. Reportedly, its ability to analyze news and other events that can affect the crypto market is unapparelled. Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, this data is processed and predictions on likely market movements are made. This information is then used to execute trades for the user, helping them win with almost every single trade placed. 

Our team was able to deposit with ease, place trades, and make withdrawals without any hitches. Based on our findings, this bot is safe and legit for all crypto traders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Once you submit the necessary documents, they will be reviewed, and the account will be verified within an hour. Make sure the details you offer when signing up match your official credentials.
  2. The minimum deposit on Bitcoin Future is $250.
  3. You can always reach out to customer support, who are available 24/7 to help you out with any issues you may have.
  4. No, depending on the payment mode you use to fund your account, there could be delays.
  5. Yes. Bitcoin Future allows users to withdraw funds at any given time, with all requests processed within 24 hours.
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