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Bitcoin Equaliser Review 2021 - Is It Legit & Safe?

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Bitcoin Equaliser is a trading robot, which is software built to allow users to interact with the market without the need to spend an excessive amount of time controlling rates of exchange and trends automatically.

The cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile markets, and this remains true even using the most sophisticated tools a trader can get himself. This being said, many new technologies are arising, like Bitcoin Equaliser, that claims to be able to make a difference in their users’ balance thanks to their technology and brokers’ supervision.

About Bitcoin Equaliser Platform / Software

The software behind robots used for trading, as the one Bitcoin Equaliser offers, is reportedly powered through API. This acronym stands for Application Programming Interface, which are interfaces programmed to execute programmed orders. In this case, they can be either selling or buying orders.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Equaliser claims to have a particular advantage on speed during the robot’s processes compared to its competitors on the market. This quality can have extreme relevance when it comes to orders that need to be executed in the shortest amount of time to be profitable. As you can imagine, features of this kind can make a difference in a market subject to quick shifts as the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Equaliser Founder & Team

As you may know, if you are not new to the trading world, it is quite common to keep confidential the identity of the minds behind significant tools connected to cryptocurrency platforms. This is the case of the inventor of Bitcoin himself, who is still anonymous.

It is also the case of Bitcoin Equaliser. However, what could be deduced from the accuracy of the service and the level of technology needed to develop a technology of this type is that expert developers and cryptocurrency traders took part during the entire process. 

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Pros and Cons


Scammers protection: Bitcoin Equaliser is provided with two-factor authentication, one of the strongest methods to ensure users’ real identity, widely used by the most significant banks and financial services’ apps.
Fast registration: The website does not require long and intricate procedures for users’ registration. To create your account and access their services you will only need to provide your name, surname, email and phone number.
Low time investment: As per the site, Bitcoin Equaliser‘s high degree of automatisation allows every user to spend only the amount of time they can afford on their website.
No extra fees: The website does not charge hidden costs. The only fee you will be charged is a small percentage on your operations.
Customer service: At any time you need support, you can count on the Bitcoin Equaliser customer service to help you with your issue. The website offers 24/7 customer service plus exceptional guides for new users.


The service is not available in every country.
Founders are anonymous.

Auto-Trading Guide

Follow this guide on how to apply and begin to operate with the trading robot.

1. Open a Free Account

The first step you should follow before start trading is to register on the website. You will need to provide information like your name, surname, email and phone number. Remember that you will need to verify your email and phone number before going further with your operations. This procedure is necessary to protect your account from possible scams.

2. Make a Deposit

After the registration procedure, the next step is to make your first deposit. This is usually around $250, which you will be able to upload on your account choosing your preferred payment method. The payment will be processed as soon as you complete the step, and you will not be charged further fees other than the deposit itself.

3. Start Trading

From this point on you are free to start your cryptocurrency trading. You will have access to a guide that will help you with your operations and make the best use of Bitcoin Equaliser’s service. You will be free to dedicate yourself to other activities; the robot does not require constant monitoring.

5 Unique Selling Points of Bitcoin Equaliser

Let us analyse some features that Bitcoin Equaliser has that differentiate it from other robots in the market. This may help you have a complete vision of your options and choose the solution that fits your needs as a cryptocurrency trader.

1. Trading Features

Bitcoin Equaliser claims to ensure that its algorithm will go through a significant amount of data that allows it to understand and predict trends and act accordingly to multiply the initial investment.

Furthermore, customers reported that the feature they appreciated the most about this robot is customer service. It is not easy to find a platform that ensures constant supervision at a one-to-one rate. 

2. Demo Account

One of the most important features offered by Bitcoin Equaliser is without any doubt the demo account. Enthusiast traders may easily fall into the trap of believing that money comes easy in the cryptocurrency market. 

As in any other market, investing and trading requires a continuous learning process and the demo account will help you try yourself in hypothetical situations before actually spending your own money.

3. Success / Win Rate

The platform claims that it is possible to generate up to 60% in daily ROI with favourable market conditions. However, new users must not commit high capital initially since trading in crypto is risky. Users should practise with the demo account before using live trading. 

It is also important to remember that these positive outcomes are always supported with a considerable amount of studying and experience in the sector.

4. Cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin Equaliser

You will be able to find all the most traded ones, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, together with many fiat currencies.

5. Customers Opinion

Reportedly, customers have found great value in adding this tool to their trading experience. They claim to particularly appreciate the user-friendliness of the software and the support offered through the guide.

How to Maximise Your Profits

In the following section, we will go through some advice that will help you get the maximum profit out of your trading activity.

Start Small

If you are new to the cryptocurrency trading world, we recommend that you start your journey with the smallest investment possible. As you gain expertise in this field, you can adjust the amount you want to invest.

Save Some Profits

One method you could find useful when beginning to use your trading robot is to withdraw part of your profit to ensure it does not get lost entirely if your next investment does not go how you expected.

Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose

If you are a beginner trader or a more seasoned one, you should always remember that the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and, as such, may vanish your funds in a minimal amount of time. Many traders during the years have found themselves in this unpleasant situation. This is why it is of fundamental importance that you only invest an amount of money you can afford to lose. 

Endorsements and Opinions About Bitcoin Equaliser

Different sources on the internet link Bitcoin Equaliser to television shows like Shark Tank and Dragons Den. Other rumours also talk about the connection with Bitcoin enthusiast Elon Musk and Tim Draper. 

Our team did thorough research but could not find reliable sources for this information, so these claims are false. It is quite common for Bitcoin-related products to be subjects of rumours, but this does not make them any less professional.

Final Thoughts on Bitcoin Equaliser: Is It a Legit Option to Make Money?

Auto-trading robots like Bitcoin Equaliser can be a useful tool for traders who undertake proper risk management and do their due diligence. This tool can allow you to execute your trading strategies without the need for a constant eye on the market. Setting your buying and selling preferences, the robot will be able to manage all of your orders by itself.

We still think it is essential to focus on the fact that auto-trading robots are a mere tool of the trader, so the profit you will make entirely depends on your knowledge and experience in this field. Take the right precautions and use risk management strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. This software received numerous positive reviews from its users. Profit will be determined by various factors such as the experience level of the user and the capital used.

  2. Based on online reviews, the customer support team is responsive and helps out its users.

  3. The registration process is straightforward and easy, it will probably only take 10 minutes for you to complete it.

  4. No, the service does not require any extra payment. The only small fee that will be applied is on the orders you make.

  5. The website is based on CFDs trades, so this means that you will not be allowed to withdraw Bitcoin, only fiat currency.

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