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Will Metacade be as Successful as Chiliz and Enjin?

Alice Davies

There’s been considerable interest in the top cryptocurrencies recently, and particularly in where the overall market could lead them next. By looking at the Chiliz (CHZ) and Enjin (ENJ) tokens and then comparing them to new innovative crypto offering, Metacade (MCADE), we’ll examine some key factors to help us decide which of them has a realistic chance to succeed in the current climate.

Are we looking at further crushing blows? An endless, lifeless plateau? Or just maybe, can we start thinking about building wealth again? Everyone’s hoping it’s the latter, so let’s explore how can we tell which one could become the next best investment.

What is Chiliz?

Chiliz uses blockchain technology and fintech to give sports fans unique experiences with their favourite teams. The CHZ token is the native currency used on the Chiliz blockchain, and fans need to buy CHZ to be able to access the fan tokens for the team of their choice. Token holders can vote on their team’s direction, help with decision-making, and gain exclusive access to the special areas where supporters can directly interact with each other.

At the moment, perhaps the biggest issue for Chiliz is that not all sports teams are featured on the platform. It’s also unclear whether their target audience is a good fit for the technology boom in sports that Chiliz is trying to initiate. It’s reached as high as $0.77 but is currently below $0.20, so it’s uncertain if the price will rise again, or if its high price action is a thing of the past.

What is Enjin?

The Enjin platform was launched in 2017 and uses the ENJ token, which is ERC-20 compatible. It’s mainly aimed at gamers, who can use this currency to carry out purchases and pay for their gaming accessories. They have access to a range of products within gaming, but the token can also be used to buy or trade NFTs within the Enjin ecosystem.

ENJ can also be viewed as a potential investment, like any other cryptocurrency, but how does its price history look? Currently, the price is under $0.50, although this is far lower than its high of more than $3. Is this a sign that it’s on a downward trend?

There’s no doubt that 2022 has clearly been a difficult year for the Enjin coin. With the overall bearish market sentiment, combined with the emergence of fresh rivals and dwindling interest amongst its user base, the price has remained comparatively low.

As it struggles to recover its market share, the road ahead for Enjin may be challenging.

What is Metacade?

Offering an impressively novel approach towards playing games in the metaverse, Metacade’s MCADE is one of the hottest, most talked-about new crypto tokens right now. Anticipation continues to build for its presale of tokens later this year. With 1.4 billion MCADE coins starting at a price of $0.008 per token before rising in price over 9 stages to $0.020, this is a valuable chance for investors to get involved before the coin rallies. 

How does Metacade work?

Metacade works by bringing together a dedicated gaming community on a metaverse platform where they can play a wide range of arcade-style play to earn games as well as earn rewards on the platform through contests, tournaments, game testing and writing reviews. There is also a passive earning opportunity through staking to give users a boost of MCADE.

The platform is also bringing aspects of gaming development into the mix with the promise of funding for developers through Metagrants in order to attract new talent to publish games in the virtual arcade. The Metacade community will be able to vote for the most exciting gaming projects, enabling the most original ideas to gain both community support, as well as funding.

What makes Metacade so unique? 

With interest in the metaverse reaching new heights in the last year, the timing of this project seems to be excellent. It comes at the end of a tough year where many tokens have fallen in price, which means that many investors are looking for truly special opportunities like this to get back into the market.

Metacade is a uniquely versatile platform, combining popular elements from the play to earn scene, community involvement in game development, as well as income boosting options for pure crypto investors. With the future of gaming expected to explode onto the Web3 scene, Metacade is well positioned to play a central role in it, providing an all-round community-focused, gamer-centric ecosystem, none of which is present for Chiliz or Enjin.

Is Metacade a buy?

All signs point towards Metacade offering a solid investment for anyone who is looking to get into cryptocurrencies but hasn’t been convinced by the potential of tokens such as CHZ and ENJ. It offers something uniquely different to those coins and is definitely the new crypto project to keep an eye on.

We’ll be watching the platform with expectation in its pursuit of a virtual arcade for the metaverse that brings both gamers and developers onto its platform, and enables the potential for highly compelling titles and audience participation. By embracing the next generation of gaming and providing original channels for its creation, Metacade stands to offer substantial returns in the future.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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