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What Is the Best Metaverse Coin To Invest in During 2023? – Investors Go With Metacade (MCADE)

Alice Davies

There has been a sudden surge in the amount of attention that Metacade has been generating as a result of both the headlines made by the project’s presale raising and incredible $3.2 million in just nine weeks and more and more investors earmarking the projects as having the potential to be the best metaverse coin.

The interest looks to be here to stay, which means that Metacade could offer a rare opportunity for investors to get on board a metaverse project destined for success while prices are still low and before the inevitable price appreciation really begins to kick in.

Metacade – Getting ready to blast off

GameFi is well understood to be an area of Web3 destined to be a huge hit. Web3 presents so many opportunities where gamers could benefit from the technology that it’s no surprise that Metacade has created such a compelling vision for how they can revolutionize the way that people connect with one another to play.

Leading crypto investor groups clearly believe that Metacade can defy the bear market conditions by delivering the largest range of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming titles available anywhere, so it makes sense that the presale has already been able to show such incredible results.

With the price of MCADE at $0.008 during the beta presale phase, MCADE is set to rise to $0.02 after stage eight. These presale stages offer a rare opportunity to acquire MCADE tokens before the adoption begins, which will inevitably drive substantially higher token prices as more investors see the potential and FOMO really kicks in.

With much interest in the metaverse and the potential that it brings, Metacade presents the perfect opportunity for all investors interested in the best metaverse coin and smart enough to identify the project to acquire MCADE before the price skyrockets.

Could MCADE Reach $1?

With MCADE fundamental to the way in which the Metacade ecosystem is being built, there is no doubt that as the project sees adoption increase, the price of the MCADE token will follow suit as more and more users are required to possess the tokens to use the platform.

With metaverse interest likely to continue to grow over the coming years and Metacade well-placed to build a thriving hub of Web3-driven gaming activity, there’s no doubt that the project is in a prime position to capture market share. The project’s tokenomics are also very favorable for investors, with a total supply of just two billion MCADE.

This means that even if looking very conservatively, the MCADE token is likely to see a huge increase. Metaverse project Axie Infinity reached a $10 billion market cap in 2021 despite the metaverse being a brand new concept, and when Metacade reaches a $10 billion market cap, the MCADE price will be $5. This shows that reaching $1 is likely to be a matter of “when” rather than “if,” and so it’s no surprise to see MCADE frequently being talked about in discussions on the best metaverse coin.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a metaverse project that is being built on the Ethereum blockchain to offer a huge P2E arcade to its users and an ambition to revolutionize gaming through the creation of a wide and varied community hub.

Usage of the platform is supported through incentivization via rewards, with users able to earn income not only through the P2E arcade but also through competitive tournaments and even contributions to the growth of the community, like writing game reviews.

Metacade also supports staking options for MCADE holders, creating a passive income stream that is paid in stablecoins to avoid increasing the total supply of MCADE.

How does Metacade work?

Metacade’s core offering is centered around the ambitious P2E arcade and complemented by the rewards in place throughout the platform.

The project has several revenue streams lined up, such as on-platform advertising and a game launchpad for developers, and this ensures the self-sufficiency of the project’s treasury. The treasury will be able to distribute rewards to users based on their activity, meaning that the ecosystem has a strong design in place for ongoing growth.

Beyond these areas, Metacade also boasts an innovative game development funding initiative known as Metagrants. Metagrants allow game developers to pitch ideas to the community, with the MCADE token holders able to vote on where they want the funding to be distributed. This ensures that it’s the users of the platform that are able to ensure funds are used in the areas they are most excited about, creating a positive feedback loop for growth.

Is Metacade a good investment?

For investors with all levels of experience, Metacade represents an incredible investment opportunity, and this is especially true for those looking to gain exposure to the growing metaverse space, given that MCADE is a strong contender for the best metaverse coin.

With the presale of MCADE offering a limited time for investors to acquire MCADE at rock-bottom prices, one thing is guaranteed — this is one presale that won’t last for long.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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