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TxTenna to Transform the World of Bitcoin Transactions

Benson Toti

Bitcoin (BTC) may not have evolved much since 2009, but that doesn’t mean its network of support has stopped growing. Even though the price of BTC is largely being propped up by its legacy, small but important innovations are taking it closer to mainstream adoption. The latest auxiliary product to give Bitcoin a renewed lease of life is a free off-chain mobile app. Developed by Samourai Wallet and goTenna, the TxTenna dApp is unlike traditional crypto wallets as it allows users to make internet-free Bitcoin transactions.

No Internet, No Problem

The beauty of the system is that it takes away the need for an ISP or mobile data plan. To facilitate internet-free transactions, users first need to download the Samourai Wallet (an online payment app) and the TxTenna dApp (offline). Once they’ve done that, they can sync the latter to the goTenna mesh and pick up a connection that allows them to send BTC. As well as removing additional costs such data and ISP charges, the system further decentralizes the Bitcoin payment system.

Taking mobile and desktop internet providers out of the equation means that users can’t have their services disrupted. At present, carriers can prevent customers from making mobile BTC transactions if they compelled to. This, in essence, detracts from the anonymous, decentralized nature of blockchain payments. Therefore, by offering users the ability to piggyback on the goTenna mesh, the TxTenna dApp is removing power from internet providers. From a philosophical standpoint, that’s great news for crypto purists and Bitcoin. However, on a practical level, the real value of TxTenna is the flexibility it offers.

Connectivity Bright Could Increase BTC Adoption

Up until now, anyone that buys Bitcoin online has to have a reliable internet connection if they want to carry out any future transactions. For people in countries where connectivity is an issue, crypto payments are virtually impossible. TxTenna is bidding to solve that problem and, in turn, open up the industry to more people. If that happens, the price of Bitcoin would naturally improve.

More users mean more transactions. What’s more, it would mean BTC is more practical. Even if you live in a tech-based country, getting a strong internet connection isn’t always possible. Therefore, if TxTenna can fill the void and make this irrelevant, it would facilitate more BTC transactions.

In the short-term, the latest innovation by Samourai Wallet and goTenna should bolster the price of BTC. However, more significantly, the latest announcement shows that the Bitcoin ecosystem is still evolving. Even if the blockchain itself isn’t changing, things around it are and that’s why Bitcoin is likely to remain the leading crypto for the foreseeable future.

*Information in this article should not be taken as investment advice.


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