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Check out the Top 5 Crypto Exchanges that Accept Segwit2x

Benson Toti

2017 was very much a year for Bitcoin forks. Segwit came first, followed by Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold, but Segwit2x was the fourth and final hard fork which took place in November. Also known in the cryptocurrency industry as S2X and B2X, it forked from the Bitcoin blockchain to create an altcoin with 2-megabyte blocks and SegWit support.

The traditionalists in the Bitcoin community have been rather critical of Segwit2x, believing it to be an attack on its decentralised nature by corporates and large-scale miners determined to seize overall control of the development of Bitcoin. These people argue bigger blocks are needed to accommodate the rapid growth of the overall Bitcoin network.

If you owned Bitcoin at the time of the fork, you will have received the same amount of B2X as original BTC, giving you twice the amount of crypto coins to play with! The same is even true for those who traded Bitcoin via Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on trading community eToro, who credited members with a 1:1 ratio of BTC to B2X. If you want to know the leading cryptocurrency exchanges that support Segwit2x and allow it as a trading pair, check out the five main platforms below:


Since the fork took place, the Coinbase exchange has supported Segwit2x by crediting an equal amount of the new B2X asset to each user in a 1:1 ratio with their original Bitcoin. Users can trade both BTC and B2X after disabling trades on both coins 24 hours prior to the fork.  


Although the Binance site temporarily suspended all Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals prior to the B2X fork, the platform opted to support it after deeming it a “meaningful fork”.   


Bitfinex has also followed suit by supporting the S2X fork throughout 2018. The exchange has also enabled its members to trade futures using the new B2X asset.  


From the outset, GDAX confirmed its support for the B2X fork, crediting an equal amount of the new 2 megabit Bitcoin to their users’ original BTC. As with the other platforms, GDAX opted to suspend trading on Bitcoin prior to the fork and was careful to ensure the stability of both blockchains before re-enabling deposits and withdrawals in BTC and B2X.  


An official statement was published by CEX.io regarding the B2X fork, confirming its full support. Four new trading pairs were added to the CEX platform post-fork, allowing investors to trade Segwit2x against the original Bitcoin as well as three fiat currencies (USD, EUR and GBP).

While it’s unclear whether the original Bitcoin will continue to take precedence over B2X in the months and years ahead, if the major miners continue to throw their weight behind the 2-megabit version then the exchanges are almost certain to offer more trading pairs and opportunities to profit.

Looking to start investing your newfound B2X? Check out our top 40 list of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, many of which are now supporting S2x.

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