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Respected Crypto Analyst Predicts New Bull Run

More popularly known by his Twitter handle, Crypto Michael, this expert analyst and trader shared with at least 82,000 followers his predictions on leading cryptocurrencies that show great potential recently.

The likely trajectory of Bitcoin is always of great interest to crypto investors and enthusiasts, and Crypto Michael believes that the leading cryptocurrency could break through the $14k resistance barrier if it can consolidate above $13,678.

Van de Poppe stated, “Interesting bounce here and back into [the] resistance zone. Breaking this, and we’ll go for the highs above $14,000”.

The analyst also had some interesting insights into Ethereum for all investors who may worry that the second leading cryptocurrency may not be showing the growth they expected from a DeFi boom. “It starts to bottom out, makes a slight bounce. Then we start to make a compression and the next bull wave starts”.

He also predicts a similar situation for Ripple, feeling that if this long-successful coin can hold a price between 22 – 23 cents, it may then begin to rally to as high as 40 cents in the next cycle.

Ripple recently came under a bit of criticism for not performing as many had expected. This mostly concerned the low adoption rate in the network’s attempts to solve the challenges our current financial system faces with international payments.

Michael Van de Poppe also opined that Chainlink is now at a key turning point in terms of the token’s value. Highlighting a negative scenario, he stated that “if [Chainlink] loses the area around $10, …then I’m going to look mainly at the $7 area for potential longs”.

It is worth noting that Chainlink still experiences a great amount of volatility, but this news may leave those who held when the token hit above $19 a couple of months ago a little anxious.

Michael Van de Poppe’s predictions mirror those of several other respected experts, however. That we may see some sideways price action while the world deals with the current economic crisis caused by the global pandemic, COVID-19; but when the bounce occurs, a new bull run would likely be on the cards.

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