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Monero Price Prediction Falls Flat While Metacade Continues Surge

Alice Davies

Privacy-centric Monero launched back in 2014 as an alternative to Bitcoin. It has managed to grow a passionate community around the project, but as its focus is on protecting the anonymity of its users nears a decade since its release, Monero’s greatest challenges could still be to come.

As incoming regulation looks as if it could limit the accessibility of XMR, and with newcomer Metacade positioning itself at the heart of GameFi, it’s no surprise to see many holders from the older and more established Monero moving over in droves.

Metacade is a rare opportunity

Metacade has made a huge splash across investment circles and in the crypto market news as a result of the incredible performance of the project’s presale. In only the first 10 weeks since the start of the presale, the project raised a staggering $5m, with that total having since increased even further to $7m.

Metacade is proving to be extremely popular with investors as a result of the plans laid out in the recently released whitepaper, exhibiting a plan to provide significant value to the three billion gamers around the world.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is set to change the face of gaming via its comprehensive ecosystem of reward mechanics, centered around the construction of the world’s most extensive play-to-earn (P2E) arcade.

The plans outlined in its whitepaper have been praised by investors, particularly in regard to the project’s cohesive design choices. Currently, with Metacade well-positioned to secure a big slice of the gaming market share, the price of its native MCADE token could rise dramatically over 2023 and beyond.

How Metacade Works

Metacade’s extensive rewards system allows gamers to earn an income through a number of paths but especially from playing games on the platform. Whether this is casual gameplay or more competitive styles, the project is deliberately taking aim at a very broad user base of gamers, giving it a huge total addressable market (TAM).

The MCADE token is used not only for providing rewards, but also offers staking options to investors. This allows holders of MCADE to benefit from a passive income stream, simply by putting their tokens to work for the good of the project.

One of the features that has been met with excitement is the Metagrants program, which allows the community to have a hand in the future of the arcade’s development. Developers will pitch projects, which are then voted on by MCADE holders. Winning projects are eligible for funding via the Metacade treasury. This program has been lauded as a champion of user growth and retention, by directly involving the community in the decision-making processes.

The big challenges facing Monero

Monero is set to face a challenging 2023, reflected in all Monero price predictions, with the rise of regulation possibly spelling a difficult future for the privacy-focused player. While Monero offers an anonymous cash-like experience that its supporters see as critical to the future of personal freedoms, this does not align well with anti-fraud legislation.

While it is likely to be impossible to completely ban Monero, if regulators punish exchanges, we may see the token all but disappear from the mainstream crypto world, meaning that the price of XMR is unlikely to be able to sustain its current levels of support — hence why each Monero price prediction looks relatively bleak.

Metacade Price Prediction

Metacade has an incredibly bright future ahead of it, and with technical releases beginning later in the year, we could easily see the price of MCADE rise 40-50x to around $1 in 2023 as a result of the growth in users that investors expect.

Beyond 2023 we should expect to see a $5 MCADE by 2025, provided the project keeps momentum, as the low circulating supply should make the market cap very achievable.

Monero Price Prediction

Despite Monero benefitting from the recent positive crypto market news driving the entire market, XMR holders are currently considering what Monero price prediction they would be happy with. It’s likely they would accept if the token can just hold its current value of around $170 this year.

Beyond that, the project, unfortunately, faces continued challenges, and so any modest growth in token price to perhaps $200 would be a huge result for the project.    

Investors Should Choose Metacade

There’s really no comparison between Metacade and Monero, with the newcomer offering an unbelievable opportunity for huge potential gains while Monero fights for survival. 

Metacade’s red-hot presale goes to show that there is a great wave of momentum building behind the platform, with savvy investors looking to get aboard the Metacade ship as quickly as possible.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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