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Monero Keeps Losing Value While Metacade (MCADE) Presale will Likely Sell Out

Alice Davies

The privacy-based cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) is losing its value while Metacade (MCADE) is expected to sell out in its presale.

Metacade is an innovative gaming hub designed specifically to cater to the new era of Web3. In contrast, Monero is a coin with a specific function to send and receive funds securely.

Let’s examine Metacade vs Monero in more depth to understand why Monero keeps losing value while Metacade is predicted to sell out.

The Metacade Gaming Ecosystem Explored

Metacade intends to be a premium ecosystem for GameFi. GameFi essentially refers to the financialization of gaming, and there are many ways through which this occurs. Metacade aims to be a place for:

  1. Web3 gaming investment. 
  2. Play to earn and work to earn gaming. 
  3. Interaction/collaboration for gaming enthusiasts. 
  4. Launching and testing new games.
  5. Giveaways and tournaments. 
  6. Merchandising and advertising.
  7. DAO governance.

In other words, Metacade intends to pursue multiple aspects of Web3 gaming and is likely to expand on these aims as time goes by. This is why it is expected to sell out on its presaleIt is tapping into an extremely lucrative niche with an audience that could almost be described as fanatical about gaming.

Modern gamers want to be rewarded for their time and GameFi offers the perfect means for them to do so. Metacade will be a hub for all things gaming-related and people can connect with one another and establish firm foundations to pursue their GameFi goals. 

Monero Losing Value – A Coin For a Previous Era

When Monero (XMR) was initially created, it had a clear-cut use case. It was designed as a privacy coin and it has an excellent reputation for doing this. It is generally regarded as one of the most secure privacy coins.

However, Monero’s privacy utility is nowhere near as important as it once was, when it was created in 2014. Most modern coins can be adapted to become privacy-focused. Even Bitcoin can be sent to a mixer so that the funds are untraceable.

Also, it’s difficult to expand on this use case, hence another reason why Monero is bleeding value. The funds are secure, but that is only one aspect of a cryptocurrency. Why would users, investors, and marketers take part in XMR, when other coins can achieve this level of privacy and offer a lot more?

Another concerning issue is that Monero uses a proof of work mechanism to validate its network. This is environmentally damaging and very inefficient. This was the only option in 2014 but Monero has not really been updated since, so stands out of line with current trends. As a proof of work system, it cannot be staked, which is another reason Monero is losing value.

Blockchain networks such as Ethereum have migrated from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake due to increases in efficiency and a reduction in carbon footprint, by a factor of 99.99%. Monero still uses a highly deprecated proof-of-work mode of operation.

Metacade vs Monero Comparison

There really is not all that much to say when it comes to Metacade vs Monero. Metacade will be a fully-fledged ecosystem designed to cater specifically to a given audience that is set to grow. This market is Web2 gamers migrating to Web3, as well as appealing to existing Web3 gamers. Metacade can easily grow and expand in multiple directions in line with user feedback and DEO governance.

In contrast, Monero can just get more secure. But this is a single-use case that is offered by other cryptocurrencies and represents no room for growth, no tangible market, and no extendible value for users. Hence, Monero is strongly predicted to continue losing value in the years ahead.

Metacade has a considerable upside potential to tap into. It is currently in its presale stage, and now could be the perfect time to enter the market. By investing in this kind of platform, you could be gaining access not just to Metacade, but to the growing market of Web3 gaming.

It offers multiple means to earn an income, from testing, to development, to fundraising, from playing the games themselves and winning competitions.

Why Metacade Beats Monero, Hands Down

In terms of Metacade vs Monero, there is a clear winner. To recap, Monero does not offer staking rewards, does not cater to a specific market, is not governed by users, and has limited growth potential. In fact, Monero does nothing except allow you to send crypto securely. This is a pretty dumb and simple use case. Monero is outdated.

With Monero, you can hold the coins, do nothing, and hope they appreciate in value. It’s pretty flat and boring, all things considered. Monero is losing value and is likely to continue to lose value. Because it offers practically nothing.

Metacade, in contrast, gives users access to Web3 gaming, staking rewards, DAOs, investment opportunities, like-minded individuals, and much more. Because it’s a gaming ecosystem, not a cryptocurrency. It’s designed to reward users for their time and attention. There are no real rewards with Monero.

Consider that residents of the Philippines earned so much money from Axie Infinity that the government started to regulate it as taxable income. This is the power of Web3, which users – both gamers and developers, can access through Metacade.

You can get in on the Metacade presale early and take advantage of impressive price differentials. The price of MCADE is starting off at $0.008 per unit and will rise to $0.02 in the final stage of the presale (there being 9 stages in total). Registration is simple and easy for investors who want to get in before it sells out.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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