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MindexWallet is maximum safety

Benson Toti

After 10 years the creation of the first cryptocurrency by Satoshi Nakamo, the top-of-mind subject when it comes to storing your cryptassets is SAFETY Digital wallets create various ways to provide confidence and protect your currencies. It is difficult to say, in 2019, what makes one wallet safer than another, because there are many variables that users take into consideration respecting their individual preferences and needs. However, there is a solution that brings safety and convenience to another level, making your processes easier, more agile, and much safer: MindexWallet.

Thinking about optimizing the user’s choices by tools, with better programming efficiency in storage and payment services, Mindexcoin has created the best experience for all the purposes and daily processes of its users with MindexWallet. Mindexcoin’s greatest challenge was to bring the wallet concept to the limit and use the best of users experience (UX) to deliver you the best security option on the market. This challenge has been accepted by the best professionals, completed successfully and is now available to you!

MidexWallet offers services to different user profiles (personal and business). In addition, it provides exclusive advantages for customers using Mindexcoin (MIC), a cryptocurrency that has it is already commercialized in two of the main exchanges in the world (Idax & DigiFinex). MIC has surpassed a transaction record of $ 1,400,000 dollars in just one day, according to the CoinMarketCap.

Of the many services it provides, the main ones we can highlight are:

  1. a) the real-time monitoring of the MIC variation;
  2. b) managing your account and evaluating your assets in one place;
  3. c) encryption technology that allows transactions with any platform in the world;
  4. d) A simple and complete app to facilitate your daily life and provide you with convenience allowing you to make your transactions from anywhere in the world (available in IOS and Android).

This is the best solution, the most complete and safer in the market, bringing several benefits to its users. Do not miss out and build your future with Mindexcoin.

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