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Mindexcoin Absorbed by Intergalaxy, Listed on IDAX

Benson Toti

Mindexcoin Absorbed by Intergalaxy, Listed on IDAX

Mindexcoin (MIC) is one of the premiere encrypted payment solutions cryptocurrency projects in the industry. 2019 has already been a big year for MIC, with a whole lot more on the way. Mindexcoin has launched a number of key core features, as well as having a successful industry showcase in Hong Kong. However, the best is yet to come, and we’re just starting to see a hint at what the future will hold.

The Mindexcoin project will transition to leadership by Intergalaxy. Intergalaxy is a versatile technology company that works with more than 800 clients around the world. The company boasts more than 1,000 systems of its design online today, some using blockchain while others use other technologies. Intergalaxy has clients in 35 countries and will offer many benefits to Mindexcoin.

The Mindexcoin team is excited to work with a company that’s accustomed to taking new blockchain systems to an international audience; in fact, it’s a skill set that’s very compatible with MIC’s mission. Mindexcoin will remain a public blockchain, though the Intergalaxy transition may give it a chance to be employed for various business purposes.

The announcement of the new Intergalaxy partnership comes just as other important MIC developments are coming down the pipeline. For example, the MindexWallet has just received a major update, where users can now store multiple cryptocurrencies in the MindexWallet, send and receive transactions, and even receive payments. It’s a perfect all-in-one multi-currency wallet solution for individuals and businesses.

Mindexcoin (MIC) is also about to be listed on the IDAX Exchange. IDAX is a massive cryptocurrency exchange by any standard, consistently performing in the global top 10 and boasting more than $1 billion in trading volume most days.

All of the above is excellent news for fans of MIC. The news is also a sure sign that many new users and investors are going to hear about Mindexcoin in the coming days. About this exciting time, MIC CEO Francisco Silva said, “I feel challenged and at the same time very happy to take on such a full and promising project, my expectation is to leverage Mindexcoin and surprise the market in the next 3 years”.

There can only be more news to come as MIC development accelerates, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for this cryptocurrency project. Whatever direction this takes, we’ll cover it here when the news emerges!

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