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Metacade’s Crypto Presale Selling Out Fast in Stage 4 – Here’s Why Investors are Excited!

Alice Davies

The new blockchain gaming platform Metacade which will offer gamers the best arcade games online has hit the headlines with the speed at which its presale event is selling out. This crypto presale is one of the best opportunities to invest in now, as it powers a comprehensive platform that looks likely to become a transformative player in the play-to-earn gaming world.

Currently in stage 4 of its presale and selling fast, here’s why investors are clamoring to get involved.

Metacade represents the premier crypto presale opportunity to invest in today

A crypto presale is often one of the best investment opportunities in the world of cryptocurrencies, as new projects with rich potential are being launched at very low prices. Although rare, these opportunities often gain enormous momentum early on as investors flock to snap up as many tokens as possible as early as they can to try and maximize potential returns.

Metacade has proven to be one of these rare opportunities since the recent launch of the presale event, with $7.2m raised already in just 13 weeks. The coin allocation in stage 4 continues to sell out fast as the excitement grows among investors as they seek to get their hands on one of the hottest new cryptos.

Providing gamers with an enormous range of arcade games online, Metacade looks set to help drive the GameFi revolution, making it one of the best crypto presales to invest in now. With Crypto.com forecasting the GameFi industry to be 10X bigger than traditional gaming by 2025, Metacade’s hugely compelling and exciting road map provides bullish investors with the potential to realize excellent returns.

Can MCADE reach $5 in 2025?

Metacade plans to launch its collection of arcade games online with many features specially designed for GameFi and Web3 aficionados. On top of this, MCADE token holders will see this digital currency listed on numerous exchanges, including Bitmart and DEX Uniswap, which could help its value grow and expand the scope of possibilities offered by Metacade.

Some analysts predict that $1 is achievable for the MCADE token in 2023, with price growth continuing well beyond that over the next few years. With expected bull market conditions returning in 2024 and 2025, MCADE could reach impressive levels.

In that case, forecasts of MCADE reaching $5 is a realistic aim. Indeed, some believe the token could exceed that value and push toward $7. With such substantial long-term potential, it’s no wonder that experts are looking at MCADE as one of the best crypto presales to invest in today.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is building the most extensive compendium of arcade games online, offering a vast range of play-to-earn games, from classic arcade favorites to the best new games available online. The integrated earning mechanics, combined with addictive gameplay, looks set to position Metacade as a GameFi giant over the next few years.

Metacade’s focus extends beyond offering one of the best blockchain gaming experiences imaginable. The platform aims to build a vast community of users, each networking to collaborate and share content with like-minded individuals. As users interact socially, whether by writing game reviews or passing on gaming tips, they can earn crypto rewards through the platform’s novel Create2Earn scheme.

How does MCADE work?

The native MCADE token will be used to power all activity on the platform. From generating the funds to reward players to reinvesting through one of their pioneering programs, such as Metagrants, MCADE will flow to the treasury through several internal and external routes.

The MCADE community can contribute by playing pay-to-play titles, just as they would in a real-world video arcade, and by staking tokens through their Compete2Earn initiative. This provides entry into prize draws and prestigious online tournaments, offering the chance to share in lucrative rewards.

Meanwhile, external funding will come from the sale of advertising space on the hub, the release of externally developed games through the hub’s launchpad tool, and hosting the most exciting Web3 career opportunities on the community job board as part of the impending Work2Earn scheme, which launches in Q1 2024.

Metacade: Pushing the GameFi revolution

The ground-breaking Metagrants program is one of the many features that sets Metacade apart from other GameFi titles. Designed to promote the creation of new P2E titles exclusively for Metacade, developers can submit applications for funding to support their plans to create new games. These submissions are pooled and voted on by the community, with those who get the most backing receiving a grant and putting their games into production.

As well as helping Metacade stay ahead of the game through the evolution offered by regularly released exciting new titles, the wider GameFi industry stands to benefit from the by-product of the Metagrants scheme as Web3 firms gain access to the brightest, most innovative talent who have real-life Web3 development experience on their CVs.

MCADE: The crypto presale some say is a ‘must buy’

The MCADE crypto presale is selling out fast in stage 4, meaning that time is running out for investors to get their hands on MCADE coins at the lowest possible price. With explosive potential price rises on the horizon and one of the tightest and most exciting project plans, this crypto presale is a rare opportunity for investors to get their hands on a leading project before it takes off.

After launching at $0.008, a value that will increase to $0.02 throughout the presale, the current token price of $0.014 represents potentially outstanding value for any investor looking for one of the best crypto presales to add to their portfolio.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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