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Metacade Presale Nears Sell Out – Investors Rush to Get In

Alice Davies

Newcomer Metacade is the talk of the town after the project’s crypto presale raised a whopping $3.3m in just 14 weeks since it launched. If that wasn’t enough, the crypto presale has already gone on to climb further in stage 5 as investors clamor for the chance to get in early on a project which looks destined to make possible crypto history.

With Metacade’s detailed plans illustrated in its whitepaper, even gaming industry leaders are viewing Metacade as a project which could very well change the face of gaming as we know it today. All of this is leading market analysts to question just how high can Metacade go compared to other cryptos.

How high could the price of MCADE reach in 2023?

While there is already an incredible amount of demand for MCADE in the presale, it’s likely that we’ll only see that continue to ramp up once the presale is over. As investors late to the game will have to purchase MCADE on the public crypto exchanges, it’s likely the token will surge as new money floods in following the token’s general release.

With further CEX listings planned (Metacade has already announced partnerships with Bitmart and MEXC) and, of course, technical releases being delivered, the price of MCADE could potentially rise significantly. Many speculators are now projecting a 30x increase as their conservative estimates – meaning a $0.60 MCADE – calculated from the final presale stage price.

The supply design for the token is also expected to play a huge role in its price appreciation, as with just 2 billion tokens available for sale, the utility-driven demand looks set to push the value even higher.

MCADE holders will also be able to benefit from staking options, meaning that long-term holding is further incentivized with the ability to earn a passive income while supporting the project in the process.

Why is the future looking so bright for GameFi?

GameFi stands to help integrate the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi) with gaming. This means that gamers will have a much greater capability to earn from platforms in the space, instead of the financial value being locked in and held solely by corporate interests.

With blockchain technology and cryptos opening the door to novel earning mechanisms, game developers will be using them to make games more immersive and rewarding. GameFi is expected to drive a huge amount of user growth and investment, through new and exciting projects such as Metacade.

What is Metacade?

At the very center of the planned GameFi hub that the Metacade team has outlined is a spectacular play-to-earn (P2E) arcade that is aiming to become the biggest in the world. The arcade will boast a huge library of different games, equating to a total addressable market for Metacade that is effectively the same as the gaming sector. Even capturing a small slice of the more than 3 billion gamers would stand the platform in excellent stead for its future.

The rewards system that is being implemented across Metacade is designed to ensure all gamers are catered to fairly. Regardless of the type of gameplay they prefer, whether a more casual style or competitive play to reach the top of the community leaderboards, all users will have the opportunity to earn. This provides a rich, diverse, and above all equal experience for gamers which will surely drive huge user growth to the project.

Metacade: Showing Web3 how to play to win

Metacade has been praised by crypto researchers for the design choices being made to ensure that each feature contributes to the wider project. The best example of this is the Metagrants program, allowing developers to pitch ideas to the community and with MCADE holders voting on which projects should be granted funding from the treasury.

This design will inevitably bring in more users by offering consistently high-quality games. User retention is also expected to benefit, by giving gamers more direct control to shape the future of the platform. This approach is rarely seen in early-stage projects, so it comes as no surprise that the project is seeing investors scramble to get involved.

Metacade could be the best GameFi investment around

It’s a rare opportunity for investors to be able to identify a project with so much potential this early, and with the prices on the presale offering unbelievable value in comparison to every other crypto presale, it’s no wonder that it has performed so well.

It’s almost certain the presale won’t last much longer at its current price. As increasing numbers of investors flock to the token, presale stages appear to be selling out ever more quickly. For those who do manage to secure their MCADE in one of the hottest crypto presales out there though, it is likely they will rest easy in the knowledge they have an exciting 2023 ahead.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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