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Metacade (MCADE): The Perfect Alternative for Axie Infinity (AXS)

Alice Davies

While Axie Infinity (AXS) definitely made a name for itself previously, it’s starting to look like the project’s heydays are behind it. Axie Infinity has run into multiple difficulties with hacks (such as on its Ronin Network) and is viewed by many as largely overpriced.

For those looking for something with more lasting potential, Metacade (MCADE) could prove to be a perfect alternative to Axie Infinity (AXS). The platform provides a broad range of functions to cater to a hungry Web3 audience that wants to be rewarded for all of its efforts.

While the Axie Infinity market is saturated, Metacade is just getting started. And currently, it’s in its presale stage.

An Explanation of The Metacade Metaverse

Simply put, Metacade is a comprehensive community hub for Web3 gamers. The platform provides a variety of arcade games for players, but it also offers so much more than this. In Metacade, gamers can see what games are trending, publish reviews, and discuss what’s happening in different metaverses.

Metacade offers the games but also the social and technical aspects required for a truly immersive Web3 gaming experience. With Metacade, it’s possible to find like-minded individuals to invest in projects and take part in competitions to earn prizes.

For the more financially minded, Metacade offers plenty as well. Its Work2Earn program offers a means to provide grants for aspiring game developers. On top of that, the MCADE token can be staked for rewards and you can invest in up-and-coming games to make a profit.

In other words, Metacade will help and support Web3 gaming entrepreneurs, developers, and players. It is designed to reward users for their contributions. Aside from token staking, there is potential for users to win rewards by entering tournaments and competitions.

Metacade is truly a one-stop shop for all things gaming-related and a perfect alternative to Axie Infinity, which is experiencing its fair share of issues.

The Many Problems With Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an online metaverse where players purchase Axies, NFTs built on the Ethereum network. Recently, the Axie Infinity Ronin network was hacked for $625 million, one of the largest DeFi hacks in history. But security aside, there are other issues.

Growing voices have been saying that Axie Infinity is used primarily as a means to “flip” NFTs, without much in the way of an organic or user-friendly ecosystem. Instead, some early investors are looking for ways to sell their tokens. This is why the total market capitalization of the Axie Infinity Metaverse dropped a staggering 20% in October 2022. While trading at an all-time high of $160 in 2021, the AXS token price now stands at about $10.

On top of this, Axie Infinity is built around a single game. Right now, early investors bought the Axies and are holding on. Aside from that, the platform does not really offer anything for Web3 gamers. There is little interoperability between different networks and no real incentives for playing, aside from profit-taking. 

Axie Infinity also has a lot of competition from other platforms such as Decentraland and The Sandbox. All these issues mean that Axie Infinity could decline heavily in the future. 

What Makes Metacade The Perfect Axie Alternative

Metacade has more than a few competitive advantages over Axie Infinity. First off, Metacade is designed as a comprehensive gaming hub as opposed to a single game. Because it intends to become a hub for Web3 gamers, it has been designed with far more features that position it strongly for 2023 and beyond. Just consider the following:

  1. Metacade is still in its presale, while Axie is quite old by Web3 standards. 
  2. Metacade offers multiple games, not just one. 
  3. Metacade offers more revenue generation mechanisms. 
  4. Metacade will initiate a DAO infrastructure for gamers to have more control. 
  5. Metacade intends to introduce a token-burning mechanism for increased price appreciation. 
  6. Metacade’s treasury has multi-signature wallets for enhanced security.

Although they’re not completely analogous, Metacade is a perfect replacement for a declining Axie Infinity ecosystem. You can find Web3 entrepreneurs there and also see where the best games can be found, as judged by reviews from like-minded individuals.

Moreover, MCADE is set to double in price during its presale, while the AXS price has been declining in recent months. After its presale, it’s likely to skyrocket. 

Taking Part In The Metacade Presale

With a declining Axie Infinity marketplace, Web3 gamers need to go somewhere and Metacede is the perfect alternative.

Aside from price appreciation, the MCADE token has multiple uses. It will be used to take part in platform governance, invest in projects, take part in competitions, and engage with others in the network. Keep in mind that Metacade intends to become the largest P2E gaming arcade in the world and is well-positioned to achieve this aim.

Metacade is currently in its presale stage. You can register easily and get in on the early bird price. The initial price for Metacade is $0.008, but this will double to $0.02 by the final stage. And since it’s still in its early stages, MCADE offers far more upside potential in comparison to AXS. You can register for the presale online to take advantage of this price.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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