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Metacade (MCADE) Launches a Hot Presale – Ethereum (ETH) And Avalanche (AVAX) Can Only Stabilise

Alice Davies

The cryptocurrency bear market has been devastating, even to some of the biggest names, with projects like Ethereum (ETH) and Avalanche (AVAX) having seen billions wiped from their market value. For Ethereum, the Merge update did not lead to a rally in the coin’s value and Avalanche is struggling after the DeFi fallout. Both coins can only hope to stabilize, while Metacade brings something fresh to the world of play-to-earn blockchain gaming.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is bringing a unique and disruptive idea to the world of blockchain gaming. The goal is to build a vibrant community hub for metaverse gamers and developers. Metacade is creating a platform that will have many different titles that can bring even more earning potential to players and a chance to add some variation to their P2E gaming adventures. Casual gamers will also be able to enjoy the arcade experience, with players expected to flock to Metacade in the hopes of earning more money as the metaverse grows.

The platform plans to be fully driven by its community and will be an all-in-one solution providing continuous value for developers, gamers, and investors along the way. Users can stake their MCADE tokens for rewards, enter prize draws, and access exclusive gaming tournaments. There will also be MetaGrants available to the top developers, with gamers have a chance to both test and review games before they are accepted onto the platform.

This is only the start for Metacade, with plenty more disruptive ideas coming down the pipeline. The project is seeking to be a leading GameFi destination and could be one of the hottest metaverse gaming tokens on the market.

Ethereum Merge Fails to Spark ETH Gains

Ethereum has long been the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. The coin traded at highs above $4,500 last year and saw its market value surge to $500 billion. The coin has recently slumped to as low as $1,000 in the bear market, but there was a small rally ahead of the Merge update. ETH moved to a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain and that makes it 99.95% more energy efficient. Despite that move, the price did not move much because the project needs further market adoption.

Avalanche Lived Up to its Name with Price Drop

Avalanche was a big name in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector with the project’s market value surging to $28 billion, but it has since seen an avalanche to only $4 billion. The project saw a sharp rise in users as many signed up for the interest yields on offer at DeFi firms. But rising U.S. interest rates, a bear market, and the crash of the Terra Luna project and others took the wind out of the DeFi sail. It could be a slow return for those projects to reclaim their former glory.

Why should you invest in Metacade?

Metacade does not need to see the market adoption that Ethereum and Avalanche require just to maintain themselves. The recovery in those projects could be extremely slow, but Metacade already has a large enough target audience of blockchain gamers to propel it rapidly upward as a novel gaming platform. The Axie Infinity game showed what was possible in the sector with a rise to 2.7 million daily users at its peak, showing there is huge appetite for P2E games, so Metacade is perfectly positioned to provide a home for gamers to find them.


The cryptocurrency bear market has been tough on the likes of Ethereum and Avalanche as investors shy away from DeFi projects. The bear market in NFT sales also didn’t help ETH and it could be a seriously slow recovery for both coins. 

Investors that were badly hurt by the fortunes of those tokens should perhaps take a much closer look at the Metacade presale. The market is in an excellent place for a potential meme coin-style surge in MCADE as the platform’s utility takes off. The Metacade arcade theme could easily disrupt the P2E sector and with the right game titles, the project could see its market value rocket higher.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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