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Metacade Hits $5.8m In Presale – And Investors Are Not Stopping Anytime Soon

Alice Davies

The intense flurry of activity in the Metacade presale has made it clear that investors are anticipating big things from the new GameFi project, with more than $2.7 million in the first 7 weeks of its presale.

The incredible momentum continues with presale investment already up to $5.8m and showing no signs of slowing down. Many are now speculating about the token value and asking just how high the price of Metacade’s utility token, MCADE, can go.

Will Metacade revolutionize gaming?

With rumors abound that the gaming industry could be transformed by the rollout of the Metacade ecosystem, analysts have been looking at how the world’s largest play-to-earn (P2E) arcade could impact the world of gaming as we know it.

With Metacade enabling the gaming community to earn big rewards for the games they play, Metacade seems likely to be hugely appealing to the hundreds of millions of gamers across the world, who will be able to earn an income by doing what they love best — playing games.

The platform also accounts for the differences in playstyle preferred across the gaming world, with the P2E arcade being tailored to accommodate various levels of play, from casual gaming to more advanced competition, that enables the platform to appeal to an extremely broad base of users.

Thorough plans have been outlined by the Metacade team in the recent whitepaper, and astute investors have been rushing to acquire MCADE at the highly discounted prices available during the presale. With the size of both GameFi and crypto set to increase dramatically over the coming years, Metacade is seen as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in on a project destined for big success at the earliest stage. 

How high could MCADE reach in 2023?

While the price of the presale is guaranteed to increase as the presale progresses, it’s once the MCADE token becomes available to the public that the price is likely to take off. This is as investors who only become aware of Metacade and the potential it holds only after the presale compete with one another to secure the amount of MCADE they want through the its CEX and DEX listings.

The tokenomics of Metacade are very investor-friendly, with a supply of just 2 billion and no token inflation over time. With presale buyers looking to hold for an extended period due to the staking rewards and high project potential, the demand for MCADE is likely to surge to unpredictable levels once the markets are live. 

With utility at the heart of the MCADE token’s purpose, 2023 could easily see a 25x surge in the price of MCADE once the presale ends and its value could reach an incredible $0.50 before the year is out.

Why is GameFi set to explode in value?

GameFi offers gamers a tremendous amount of value, which is why the industry is swiftly growing and presents a lot of opportunities to investors. With GameFi sitting at the intersection of the traditional gaming industry and DeFi, it’s only to be expected that it takes some time for awareness to grow. However, with Web3 gaming already estimated to be worth more than $7 billion and forecast to be worth $50 billion by 2025, it seems inevitable that the space will continue to grow rapidly.

There are many benefits of GameFi that will begin to draw more and more gamers across to the model, such as the ownership of user-created content in games and the value this can present to gamers.

Play-to-earn (P2E) is also a huge area of forecast growth, where users are able to earn money for playing games as Web3 companies redistribute the power that traditionally sits with big corporate interests to those playing the games.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a pioneering new project that is creating the biggest P2E arcade in existence. By hosting a huge library of games, Metacade is poised to establish itself at the heart of the GameFi movement and will be in prime position to secure a significant piece of the market value through its gaming community.

A holistically-designed project, Metacade offers a comprehensive rewards system that allows gamers of all stripes and playstyles to earn income as they game while also rewarding other efforts, such as community engagement, in order to assemble a cohesive and integrated community gaming hub.

Metacade: Leading the way in GameFi

Investors have also responded with great enthusiasm to the inventive Metagrants program, which is mutually beneficial to both Metacade and the wider GameFi space. It allows experienced development teams to pitch their ideas to the enthusiastic Metacade community, with MCADE holders then able to use the token’s governance rights to determine which providers are deemed worthy of funding from the Metacade treasury.

It’s this sort of meticulous design decision that puts Metacade at the forefront of GameFi, and ready to capitalize on the inevitable growth over the coming years. 

Metacade is the best GameFi investment around

Those investors who have secured their MCADE tokens at the rock-bottom prices available in the presale are likely set to enjoy an incredible ride over 2023 and beyond. As the inevitable user growth of the Metacade platform comes to fruition, the utility of the MCADE token will likely drive the price up, making it clear why this is one presale that won’t be open for much longer.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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