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Metacade: Built Around Gaming, Announces Crypto Utility Token

Alice Davies

As talk about the Metaverse continues to spread across the globe, it raises the question of how far we are from a truly immersive experience. Not only to connect with like-minded people, chatting, gaming, and even investing together, but a look further into the future – to digital economies shared within complete environments. This vision is already in motion at Metacade, the metaverse arcade-style platform where users can connect and grow, offering everything from gaming to job opportunities within its space.

Currently, under construction and in an aggressive growth phase, Metacade is rapidly spreading its influence and presence in the metaverse industry as it gears up for new partners and prepares to enable its economy with unique utility token opportunities.

In This article, we’ll examine the details behind the MCADE utility token, what it means for the Metacade platform – as well as look into some of the finer details on how it could be used.

Metacade and Tokens

Designed with connection in mind, Metacade is introducing its own utility token, which is being introduced to users and investors as part of a presale in November. This utility token can be used on the platform for a variety of use cases and offers a unique way to reward users who engage with the community.

As one of the world’s first play-to-earn crypto arcades, the utility token primarily gives back to its holders through a smartly designed token model. In the metaverse world, this is highly sought after and Metacade’s approach serves to make its utility token possibly one of the best metaverse tokens for the future, with a huge range of possible uses.

Utility Token: Use Cases and Revenue Generation

There is a strong incentive to create use cases which make Metacade’s token economy not only attractive but practically useful. Some cases directly contribute to its economy are familiar, individual revenue streams – whereas others are brand new:

  • Advertising: Creation and display of ads across their platform
  • Tournaments/Events/Prize draws: Enhanced gaming incentives.
  • Merchandise: Buying and selling of digital goods.
  • Jobs/Employment: Post or bid on job listings.
  • Pay to Play arcade: Play games using the metaverse token.
  • Game Testing: Ecosystem for game testing by connecting developers & users.
  • The revenue from these activities will be distributed to token holders, who will also be further rewarded for partaking in the community by providing reviews & feedback.

Connecting Gamers

Gaming is a focus point for the project, and gamers can connect using the Metacade platform to either play solo or with others. Game developers can showcase their games and use the platform as a testing environment – by connecting with interested beta testers. Gamers who help work out bugs and provide feedback will receive utility token payments for their efforts and maybe even the opportunity of employment with the gaming company itself. In addition, gamers who leave reviews or enter contests and tournaments can earn extra as part of an inclusive play-to-earn metaverse token economy. 

Rooms With A Purpose

The Metacade platform also allows users to enter different rooms, just like a real arcade. Rooms are created with a specific purpose and labeled, so everyone can easily find what they are looking for. In addition, the platform has an activity area where users can view Trending Games, Investment Rooms, Tournaments, and Job Opportunities, maintaining interest over a broad audience.

With retail comes currency – and the utility token mentioned earlier is one way, Metacade facilitates exchange across the platform. Players can earn and spend possibly the best metaverse token and use it as a form of payment for services such as those within rooms.

User-Governed DAO

The world of metaverse crypto has also introduced the opportunity for players, users, and investors of the best metaverse token to take part in user-governed DAOs – Decentralized Autonomous Organisations – and Metacade is no exception! Participants can create proposals for the development of Metacade DAO and vote on many aspects – just like shareholders. This creates an attractive ecosystem designed for end-users, by end-users. The metaverse crypto utility token will have its own treasury where DAO members can stake and allocate tokens as part of the metaverse token staking option.

Moving To Market and Beyond

Finally, a key aspect of the attraction to Metacade includes Metagrants. There create a funding mechanism offered by the platform that enables grant money to find its way to play-to-earn gaming developers. By utilising the utility token as the central currency for product launches and development, project financing, token staking, and play-to-earn gaming – promoting a more stable and secure economy for Metacade.

Our Take on Metacade

In our opinion, we believe Metacade to have excellent prospects with a bright future ahead of it. The platform offers realistic, and genuinely useful cases for its utility token, which appeal to us greatly. Not only are they practical, but also include more familiar, tried and tested revenue streams such as advertisement, tournament and pay to play – all of which offer strong support for the platform. We’ll be watching this space carefully.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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