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Learn to Make More Money with Your Investments – Join the AltSignals Crypto Presale and Get Early Trading Signals

Alice Davies

Investors ply money into crypto projects for one simple reason: to make more money. One new project set to change the crypto investing landscape in 2023 is AltSignals, an already trusted trading platform with more than 50,000 members, which will be launching its native ASI token in March.

Following fantastic success as a leading provider of trading signals, AltSignals aims to provide its community with a native opportunity to make more money. Word of the ASI presale quickly spread across investor groups on Telegram, with new and seasoned traders declaring their interest.

The AltSignals presale is an exciting crypto investing opportunity

The performance of Bitcoin (BTC) is always a good signal of the health of crypto markets. With the price returning above $20,000, markets appear to be finally easing after the prolonged bearish conditions. Indeed, signaling platforms such as AltSignals have reported increased activity as a sign of interest in trading starting to fire up.

The launch of the ASI token looks set to move AltSignals ahead of the competing pack in the trading signals sector, with the token providing exclusive access to the most sought-after AI-enabled crypto signals via ActualizeAI. Holders of the ASI coin will be able to work with these new signals and AI algorithms ahead of the open market, allowing traders to cash in with eye-watering success rates.

Backtests from AltSignals indicators have provided excellent results, with a 70 to 83% success rate on BTC and Ethereum (ETH) trades. This illustrates the importance of access to trading alpha to inform decisions. AltSignals’ burgeoning reputation is backed up by almost 500 outstanding reviews on Trustpilot, producing an average score of 4.9/5.

The ASI presale event is an outstanding crypto investing opportunity to purchase an exciting token from an established, trusted provider at a discounted price before it lists on decentralized exchanges. 

What is AltSignals?

Launched in 2017, AltSignals has become a market leader in trading signals, working hard to develop and deliver the finest algorithm-based indicators across crypto markets. Technical analysis and trading signals are available across a vast array of cryptocurrencies, including the big names such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC), to its 52,000-strong community. These signals allow traders to make more informed decisions about when to trade currencies.

AltSignals has grown at a staggering rate over the past five years, attracting a global user base that now relies on and trusts the trading signals it provides. Information is available on daily crypto trades, Binance futures, CFD, Forex, and shares. At the heart of AltSignals’ offering is transparency, with a vast number of trading reports available on the website.

The best-known feature on AltSignals’ platform is the cutting-edge AltAlgo™ indicator tool. This innovative trading indicator tool scans the market in real time, offering traders information on the optimal price to buy and sell. A fully customizable feature, the indicator is proven to make investors’ journeys more effective, helping them make more money online.

AltAlgo™ provides results with a high degree of accuracy, saving investors time and energy to research their prospects. Backtesting results with AltAlgo™ saw a success rate of 83.56% on BTC trades and an encouraging 70.09% on ETH trading.

How does AltSignals work?

AltSignals currently relies on a rich combination of technical analysis algorithms and will be incorporating AI technology and machine learning through its pioneering ActualizeAI capability. Its expert traders have already sent out more than 1,500 signals to its more than 50,000-strong community, offering coaching options and trading mentoring to all its members.

The platform currently works on a subscription model, allowing traders to select the AltSignals program best suited to their needs. The current options are AltAlgo™, Forex, or Binance Futures. As soon as a new member subscribes, they release access to signals instantly.

Alongside the ASI token launch, AltSignals is establishing the AI Members Club. By signing up to be part of the club, ASI token holders receive beta access to all new AltSignals releases and can earn tokens for contributing feedback. Once new products and features are completed, group members receive exclusive access to new tools and the opportunity to share feedback directly with the AltSignals development team.

What is ASI?

The ASI coin is an ERC-20 token that will power the AltSignals platform. The primary use case is to give coin holders early access to the latest ActualizeAI trading signals and algorithms, although coin holders can expect much more besides.

For example, ASI will be the first to access unique and groundbreaking trading signals tools as they are released by AltSignals, much earlier than the general public. Additionally, token holders will be able to join the AI Members Club, where they can test the new products and directly give feedback to AltSignals’ development team. 

Investors who are looking for a chance to have a direct impact on the future of the trading signals industry will enjoy the unique rewards inherent to holding ASI tokens. Aside from being able to test and provide feedback on new trading signals tools, they will also be able to exercise governance rights within the platform.

Is ASI worth buying?

Anyone searching for a good crypto investing opportunity to make more money should look at the AltSignals presale. The token launched in March and is currently valued at $0.012 per ASI coin, which looks undervalued for such a well-established project taking on new AI technology.

Tokens are expected to sell fast as the value of ASI increases, providing investors the opportunity to make some gains during the bear market before it hits the exchange. The AltSignals is a brilliant opportunity to make more money, with some experts predicting that the coin may hit $1 in 2023.

You can participate in the ASI presale here.

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