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Investors can now stake KSM tokens using the Guarda Wallet

Investors can stake their Kusama (KSM) tokens with ease using the Guarda Wallet after it became a staking validator.

Guarda Wallet, a non-custodial multi-platform blockchain wallet, has earned the status of the official validator for the Kusama network. This latest development means that Kusama (KSM) holders can stake their tokens on the network with ease using the Guarda Wallet.

In a press release earlier today, Guarda Wallet said, “It is now possible to stake KSM to Guarda’s validator and get steady staking rewards. The validator has 100% uptime, 14.3% APY, and 3% staking fee.  Kusama validator has become the 8th staking validator hosted by Guarda Wallet.”

The Guarda team expressed its delight at becoming a Guarda staking validator. This latest development brings their users a way to earn cryptocurrencies in their wallets in addition to the existing ONE, ETH, ONT, and other staking options. “Our next Kusama goal is the full wallet support of the coin. KSM will become a perfect match to our almost endless list of supported crypto assets. More is yet to come,” the team added

The Guarda Wallet presents users with numerous ways to earn money via cryptocurrencies. In addition to Kusama, users can earn cryptocurrencies via other staking options, like the ones mentioned above.

Staking cryptocurrencies via the Guarda Wallet comes with numerous advantages, including low staking fees, 100% uptime, and friendly support available 24/7.

Cryptocurrencies have gone mainstream in recent years, with millions of people globally involved in the market. While most people earn money by hodling the coins or trading them, staking presents an alternative way of earning profits via cryptocurrencies. Users only need to hold the cryptocurrencies in their wallets and earn profits when their coins are used to provide liquidity to a network. Crypto staking has fewer risks than trading crypto, and the users get to earn rewards.

The Guarda Wallet is a leading multifunctional open-source cryptocurrency wallet that supports most of the cryptocurrencies on the market. It allows users to store a wide range of cryptocurrencies securely.

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