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Independence Day for Mindexcoin – New Blockchain to Launch in March

Benson Toti

The cryptocurrency Mindexcoin is set for its very own Independence Day in 2019, with developers announcing it is set to break free from its established position on the Ethereum network and become available on its own blockchain at the end of March.

Originally launched in an ICO at the end of 2017, the Mindexcoin has enjoyed significant success as an ETH token in the past year or so. However, with Ethereum suffering from devaluation issues at the end of last year, the developers behind Mindexcoin have decided there is only one way that the cryptocurrency can really move forward – by going it alone.

A new platform for future success

As the organisation outlines on Medium.com, it has spent the first weeks of this year working with experts to create a blockchain based on Litecoin, which will not only provide Mindexcoin with independence but also expand its “possibilities”.

The official launch of the new blockchain and the new Mindexcoin is set to go ahead on March 20th, while those who simply cannot wait also have the option of purchasing the new version of Mindexcoin through its associated MindexWallet in the meantime.

Rewarding the Mindexcoin believers

The minds behind the Mindexcoin have also used this opportunity as a chance to thank those who have helped them so far. The process of implementing the new blockchain included a period up until the start of February where all current currencies needed to be replaced.

The process meant users who already had Mindexcoin had to place them in their MindexWallet for identification, with the organisation then taking the chance to multiply the amount by four as a special reward to those who had stuck with them.

Another new exciting phase for Mindexcoin

As Medium.com outlines, the news of the imminent launch of the Mindexcoin blockchain is just the latest exciting development in the Mindexcoin success story, with the cryptocurrency enjoying a range of triumphs in the last 12 months including:

  • Seven successful rounds of sales
  • The development of the Airdrop system
  • More security and speed with MindexWallet
  • The creation of online payments service Mindexpay

Cryptocurrencies have become one of the major talking points in the financial world in recent years, with the likes of Bitcoin reaching record levels towards the end of 2017. Interest in the currencies remains high and Mindexcoin is undoubtedly positioning itself as the next big name in this fascinating world.

Featured image:dencg/Shutterstock.com

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