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How To Invest in the Metaverse? Metacade Is Set To Be the Best Metaverse Project of 2023

Alice Davies

Even though 2022 has been a bumpy year for cryptocurrencies, the hype around the metaverse remains. As a result, there are several outstanding opportunities for people looking to invest in metaverse projects for the first time, with the industry playing host to some of the most innovative and ingenious projects in the tech space.

One project that looks set to blossom in 2023 is Metacade. Read on for more details on how to invest in metaverse projects such as Metacade.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the metaverse’s first virtual gaming arcade. It offers gamers a massive array of play-to-earn (P2E) titles, providing them with opportunities to earn passive income as they play. While the P2E aspect of the community is the main leverage to get players to sign up, there are other potentially lucrative opportunities for users to earn rewards.

The platform’s plans are set out in Metacade’s extensive whitepaper. Metacade’s roadmap includes the following:

  • An innovative Metagrants scheme that supports new game development.
  • A careers hub as part of a Work2Earn initiative.
  • Transition to a full DAO by Q4 of 2024.

Multiple revenue streams will back these initiatives and help make Metacade a fully self-sufficient metaverse ecosystem.

How does Metacade work?

The platform is much more than the typical blockchain-based P2E hub. Users have several additional opportunities to earn crypto rewards. These include the Compete2Earn feature, where MCADE coins, the native currency for Metacade, are staked for places in competitions and tournaments. In addition, users earn rewards for completing tasks in some titles and for leaderboard progress in others.

Meanwhile, the Create2Earn initiative rewards the most active users on the platform each time they engage with the community. Community members can earn rewards by posting gaming reviews, sharing gaming knowledge and alpha, and other social content that benefits the community and its members. In addition, the Work2Earn scheme is going live early in 2024, with the first Web3 jobs posted on the platform’s jobs board.

Metacade isn’t just about playing games. From Q3 of 2023, the platform will launch its ground-breaking Metagrants scheme, designed to help budding game developers bring their visions to reality. Developers produce proposals for new game ideas, which the community of MCADE token holders votes on. The most popular plans will receive funding to help with game development. The first Metagrant-backed title will launch early in 2024.

Several revenue streams fund these plans from community users and external sources. For example, community users can contribute by playing pay-to-play titles, as they would in a real-world video arcade, or by staking MCADE tokens to enter tournaments and regular prize draws.

External funding comes from selling advertising space on the platform, allowing external gaming developers to release their titles on Metacade through their launchpad initiative, and charging GameFi and Web3 companies to post adverts on their job boards.

The community will ultimately run Metacade to benefit gamers and new developers. Once the transition to full DAO governance is complete, all decisions regarding the platform’s future direction will be made by those whose opinions matter most, Metacade’s users.

Is Metacade a safe investment?

People new to crypto investing might wonder how to invest in metaverse projects safely. Metacade’s transparent route to market provides potential investors with plenty of reassurance.

Firstly, Metacade has submitted its team, plans, and specifications for a full CertiK audit. This audit from one of the industry’s most trusted auditing companies in the blockchain security space will uncover problems with the platform’s code and highlight other risks, including security. Anything highlighted can be mitigated immediately with remedial action to assure the platform’s rigor, governance, and quality.

In addition, unlike several other blockchain gaming platforms, Metacade is not reliant on the investment of one or two big investors. Instead, the community-led ethos of Metacade’s plans will eventually see every prominent role filled by community members. Indeed, the community will control every aspect of the platform’s governance, including control of the multi-signatory treasury wallets and Metacade’s future direction.

Why invest in Metacade?

The lengths to which Metacade has already gone to ensure the quality, safety, and security of investments are laudable. However, this is just one of several reasons why Metacede is such an attractive prospect for investors.

It is already one of the hottest metaverse projects in development, with the initial stages of the presale selling out quickly, raising over $3.2 million to date. 

In addition, the platform’s rich, diverse and multi-layered roadmap guarantees continuing evolution and reinvention. The regular release of enticing new titles and P2E opportunities will attract a growing user base while retaining the loyalty of existing gamers. At the same time, Metacade will ensure that the games it offers are those its community members want to see.

Metacade has built a level of longevity into its gaming hub that other P2E companies simply don’t offer. Its dynamic ownership model will keep Metacade at the forefront of the GameFi revolution for several years.

How to invest in metaverse arcade Metacade

Several different companies, including Metacade, The Sandbox, and Decentraland are building rich metaverse environments and virtual worlds for their users to play and engage in. Backing any of these companies at this point in time will put investors on the ground floor of some of the most exciting metaverse projects available today.  

The Metacade presale is live with MCADE tokens available at $0.012 in the 2nd presale stage. The price is set to increase to $0.02 by the close of the final presale stage. Early investors will be able to get in on this groundbreaking Web3 project at a bargain price.

If you are wondering how to invest in the metaverse and purchase MCADE tokens, visit Metacade’s homepage and click the “Join Presale” button. 

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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