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How to Get Bitcoins – Are Bitcoin Giveaways Worth It?

Benson Toti

When you’re asking how to get Bitcoins, there are many ways that each have their own dedicated advocates. Some champion the traditional way of buying and selling to gain Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency on various platforms, brokers, and exchanges. Some use Bitcoin like real money and would argue that it should be used as a way of payment much like money would for a product or service. And there are those who live by Bitcoin giveaways. But are Bitcoin giveaways as good as they sound? Or are they not to be trusted?

What is a Bitcoin Giveaway?

Essentially, a Bitcoin giveaway is where a company offers to give away a digital wallet of Bitcoin as part of an incentive programme. While most people interested in Bitcoin opt to begin buying Bitcoin and selling it as part of a trading journey, some want an easy way into the market through giveaways. While social media contains many people claiming to have earned Bitcoin by buying a small amount to gain a larger one, these claims haven’t been corroborated. Some claim that they have managed to attain Bitcoin for nothing through a giveaway.

Are Bitcoin Giveaways to Be Trusted?

However, detractors of Bitcoin (BTC) – and other cryptocurrency such as Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum (ETH) – giveaways claim they are a repurposing of a traditional style of scam. Indeed, the scam is similar to any which ask you to give a certain amount of money in exchange for a larger sum once the transaction is completed. Made famous by emails from royalty in far off lands that need money in their account from you to then transfer you thousands. The scam, many claim, is playing on the human emotional factor that comes with being promised something in an exclusive offer.

Bitcoin Scammers Target Giveaways

As of yet, there are no known examples where a cryptocurrency giveaway has resulted in a successful exchange of cryptocurrency. Avoid possibilities of scams and ensure that cryptocurrency is gained through the standard trading route. Your digital life is open to all kinds of scams, so its no surprise that the latest digital development with cryptocurrency has also brought with it the possibility of people attempting to con those who wish to take part in the cryptocurrency boom. Many may be oblivious to the fact there could be a cryptocurrency scam, which is why studying the subject initially is important.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, the best way to attain some is to use a cryptocurrency exchange platform and to engage in buying and selling it. Bitcoin, and its kind, is not suitable for everyone, which is why there’s the barrier to entry that involves studying the market and beginning a cryptocurrency trading journey. The possibilities of the digital coin are far reaching, and the old adage is applicable in such a modern setting: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you think you’ll get something for nothing, you’ll probably end up getting nothing for something.

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