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How to Buy Bitcoins in Europe: Canada’s Coinsquare Will Soon Have the Answer

Benson Toti

This year’s bearish trend might be slowly eroding the profits of those that jumped on the crypto bandwagon in 2017 and may have dampened the spirits of those invested in the market. However, despite the somber mood sweeping across the industry, insiders are continuing to innovate. Buoyed by the fact that blockchain technology is here to stay, companies are riding the current downswing ahead of what they see as an inevitable upswing. One such business to make a move in recent weeks is Canadian exchange, Coinsquare. Listed as one of the leading exchanges in North America, Coinsquare has announced that it will soon be offering its services in Europe.

Canada’s Leading Bitcoin Exchange Heading for Europe

Initially launched in 2014, Coinsquare is regulated in Canada and offers a similar service to another leading crypto exchange, Coinbase. Although it doesn’t have as much liquidity as Coinbase, the Canadian company does allow users to trade Bitcoin as well as a variety of leading altcoins, including: Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash. Interestingly, Coinsquare recently added fiat-to-Ripple transactions to give users even more ways to join the crypto-investment revolution.

According to the August 23 press release, the exchange will be going live in Europe during the final quarter of 2018. In addition to helping those that want to know how to buy Bitcoins in Europe, Coinsquare is aiming to become a “21st-century financial institution.” Although the world at large may not be completely on the crypto bandwagon, things are changing. In addition to Coinsquare giving Europeans a new way to buy Bitcoins, the market for investing is constantly growing. For complete novices unsure of how to buy Bitcoins, PayPal is now a viable payment option. Using sites like eToro, users can send funds directly from their PayPal account and invest in BTC.

There Will Always be More Ways to Buy Bitcoin

On a more practical level, people can also invest on a more personal basis. Using a platform such as LocalBitcoins, traders can arrange to meet up in person and swap cash for cryptos. Although peer-to-peer exchanges are slightly more cumbersome and based on trust, it’s yet another way for people to enter the market. Put simply, if you’re interested in Bitcoin, there is an ever-increasing way to buy coins. For any Europeans asking how to buy Bitcoins, Coinsquare is the latest company to offer a solution. However, given how the industry is evolving and the way companies are making the markets ever more accessible, it’s unlikely Canada’s leading exchange will be the last to infiltrate Europe.

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