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How New Features for Bitcoin Trading on Coinbase Help Beat Its Competitors

Benson Toti

The world of digital money services has become even easier for those who use it, as Bitcoin exchange Coinbase has announced it will update features to improve engagement with the wallet’s user interface. The new interface comes in the form of a bookmark ability in the functionality of the wallet. Users will be able to bookmark their favourite decentralized apps (DApps). It is reported that the decision to add the feature came from demand from users who felt the function would be beneficial. But, that’s not the only new development at Coinbase, which shows the dedication to the way financial services are offered in the future and benefits the rise in cryptocurrency and electronic money.

Improvements to Functionality Suggest Growth

Coinbase has also updated the interface to feature a new DApp explorer, which allows users to search for the newest DApps. In the name of increased functionality – a strength Coinbase hopes will see it rise over its competitors, the company said: “You can now easily switch between the browser and the wallet, without leaving the DApp you’re currently using.” By improving the way the functionality of the Coinbase exchange works not only shows growth in the industry, but a willingness to ensure users are experiencing the platform at its optimal performance. When it comes to facilitating the improvement of the industry and to make the exchange of Bitcoin easier, this shows a strong move forwards from Coinbase.

But adding features isn’t the only way in which Coinbase is attempting to improve the way it works for its users. The chat feature has been reduced. The chat feature was never designed to provide a way of conversing over Coinbase, but for sending cryptos between friends to be easier. Instead of the chat feature, Coinbase is ensuring that there is another way for this to be done in a simpler way. Changing the features in this way means that it’s easier for users to explore the decentralized web and for the storing of cryptos.

Cryptocurrency Trading Competition Helps Users

When it comes to the decentralized market, competition is tight. Coinbase hopes that the streamlining of processes will appeal to users more than its competitors. Competitor Kraken is often criticized for being a much more time consuming process – so Coinbase’s latest developments will further show that it is committed to ensuring a smooth system for its users. Kraken may offer trades with Dash or Melon, while Coinbase is dedicated to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash trading. But the wallet function makes Coinbase safer to secure money.

The decentralized trading market continues its growth and as such companies with platforms that allow this facilitation are competing to offer the best benefits for the same customer base. Coinbase’s latest feature changes hope to push it ahead of similar competitors in order to lead the charge to bring the trading to the mainstream. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is no longer a well kept secret and platforms are making it easier for beginners and experts to get involved with trading. Coinbase shows that by putting the user first, the services can become better.

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