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Experts see Metacade (MCADE) at 100x earnings in 2023 – The Biggest Metaverse Crypto

Alice Davies

Is up-and-coming GameFi company Metacade about to become the biggest metaverse crypto? That’s certainly the view of an increasing number of industry experts, with some observers already predicting 100x earning potential in 2023. Read on to see why there’s such a buzz around Metacade – and why you should seriously think about investing right now.

No doubt about it: Metacade is a fantastic investment opportunity

The impending boom in crypto gaming is awesome news for P2E companies. But it’s even better news for companies like Metacade who are taking the whole metaverse and GameFi experience to a new level. Metacade’s goal is to become the biggest and best Web3 community hub for all sides of the GameFi industry, and making it an incredible investment opportunity. 

What’s more, with the Metacade beta presale now open, you can invest while it’s still at the lowest price.

What is Metacade?

At its core, Metacade will offer a superb range of metaverse and arcade games, focused around P2E. The platform is taking things further, however, by also offering exciting earning options to game designers and developers, crypto fans and investors. Metacade is the perfect place for the crypto gaming industry to connect and collaborate. It’s also the perfect place for investment and revenue generating opportunities, hence becoming one of the biggest metaverse cryptos.

How does Metacade Work?

Metacade brings together all sides of the crypto gaming industry. Gamers can earn money and rewards through Metacade’s Play2Earn, Compete2Earn, Create2Earn, and Work2Earn functionality. Developers can interact with the Metacade community to test and market new games, metaverses and competitions, plus recruit new staff. 

Crypto fans and entrepreneurs can generate revenues through the staking and investment opportunities provided by Metacade. 

The Metacade Whitepaper outlines the company’s plans to become a DAO. Unlike some companies who do no more than talk about becoming a DAO, Metacade proves its community commitment with specific features and initiatives. 

A prime example is Metagrants, a funding scheme that gives aspiring designers a platform to develop, test and launch new games. Ultimately, Metacade plans to be the biggest community-owned crypto arcade, generating income for those who helped to create it.

Metacade blows the competition away

Metacade holds all the aces. It has a compelling range of metaverse and arcade games perfectly set up for P2E gamers. It operates as a brilliant platform for games designers and developers. It represents a superb investment opportunity for crypto fanatics and entrepreneurs. And it is set to move into the DeFi space, as metaverse and NFT transactions start to blur the lines between gaming and finance. 

Metacade’s innovative, comprehensive and community-driven approach is set to blow the competition away, and is paving the way for it to become the biggest metaverse crypto. You can be part of the action by investing with the super-competitive presale offer

Metacade Price Prediction: will MCADE reach $2.00 / 100x?

You can still buy into Metacade at the beta prelaunch price of $0.01. The predicted launch price is $0.02, so it looks like it will already ensure a favorable return for early investors. But it’s when the P2E market really starts to take off that things could get interesting. Investors in The Sandbox (SAND) at launch saw a 100x ROI at the height of the market, and if Metacade could replicate that performance in 2023, it would be well on the way to being the biggest metaverse crypto.

But those deals aren’t going to last long, as the the first phase of the Metacade presale ends soon.

Why Metacade is worth buying

Given the fantastic growth projections, any savvy investor should be considering the GameFi sector. And that means they should be investing in Metacade, because of its unique product offering, its community-centered approach, and its unrivaled potential to fully exploit the impending boom in P2E. Make sure you don’t miss out, and buy now at the exceptional presale price.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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