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Can Investing in Crypto Like Metacade Help During an Economic Recession?

Alice Davies

Household budgets globally continue to be squeezed by the mounting challenges facing economies worldwide. Rising food, energy, and fuel prices are having a hugely negative impact on the ability for people to make ends meet, leading to experts asking whether crypto investments could ease the financial burden during an economic recession.

With many countries teetering on the cusp of economic recession, some believe that investing in crypto projects like the new gaming hub Metacade, which is currently offering tokens at discount, could help supply potentially immense returns and an additional income stream to help weather the storm.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a new play-to-earn virtual gaming arcade aiming to merge past and future in one location, with its lexicon of classic arcade title replicas of yesteryear, sharing space with the most innovative and cutting-edge GameFi titles.

The platform’s exciting and innovative project roadmap, viewable on its white paper, is set to transform the blockchain-gaming landscape for gamers, developers, and the wider Web3 industry, all under the Metacade umbrella.

While Metacade’s primary focus is to launch P2E gaming into orbit with an unrivaled legion of gaming options, the heart of the operation aims to build a community of like-minded gaming enthusiasts and provide them with the tools to take control of the hub’s future direction.

To enable this, the platform is launching several additional channels for users to earn passive income, chief among which is the Create2Earn scheme. Metacade seeks to incentivize community interactions across the platform, by rewarding members every time they post content in the hub. This could be a game review, gaming tips, or simple contributions to forums and live chats. The more users participate, the more they can earn.

Further earnings can be generated by participating in Compete2Earn tournaments and prize draws, where MCADE tokens are staked for entry and a chance to share large prizes, and from Q1 2024, the new Work2Earn scheme that is set to lead development in the wider GameFi and Web3 industry.

How does it work?

Metacade’s native MCADE token provides the fuel for the platform’s engine. Funding comes from several internal and external sources. In addition to staking tokens via the Compete2Earn initiative, members will be playing a multitude of pay-to-play titles, exactly like a real-life arcade.

Outside revenue is generated from external companies that pay to advertise on the hub, release their own games on Metacade using the hub’s launchpad scheme, and post the most exciting Web3 job opportunities on the community job board.

This funding stream is either reinvested into the platform’s future development, helping it evolve and stay ahead of other GameFi titles, or find its way into gamers’ wallets as crypto rewards.

Metacade: Driving GameFi innovation

Primary among Metacade’s ground-breaking features is their innovative and exciting Metagrants scheme aimed at developers. It helps promote original game development in the industry while taking Metacade to new heights, with the regular release of community-approved, exclusive new P2E titles.

From Q3 2023, the first funding award will be distributed to successful developers whose ideas for new games have been deemed the most popular through a community vote. These grants are awarded to developers to support their ideas and ultimately design an exciting new concept that retains the loyalty of existing community members and attracts new GameFi fans to the platform.

Is MCADE a safe investment?

Even in times of stability, making investments can feel risky. This risk is multiplied during times of economic recession. Metacade’s small and agile team understands this and has taken enormous steps to assure people’s investments.

All MCADE tokens are held in a central multi-signatory treasury wallet that requires the approval of more than one key holder to approve any transaction, while all treasury wallets are hidden from the community by design.

In addition, Metacade has submitted itself, its code, and the composition of its team to the rigorous CertiK audit. The team’s identity is fully verified, while the platform’s code has been checked to ensure its functionality and security.

MCADE: An excellent crypto investment option during an economic recession?

Anyone considering investing in crypto ought to consider adding MCADE to their crypto wallet, even during an economic recession. In the 10 weeks since launching its presale event, the project raised a stunning $5.4m and that number continues to climb.

The current MCADE price of $0.013 will rise throughout the presale to an eventual value of $0.02. Once the presale concludes and MCADE hits decentralized exchanges, expectations are that the price could soar, with the $1 barrier a not unrealistic prospect in 2023. 

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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