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Aussie Digital Launches New AUD Coin Trading Platform

Benson Toti

The Australian cryptocurrency trading world is about to be shaken as blockchain company Aussie Digital announces it will launch its own crypto exchange in order to improve the crypto market in Australia. The firm is known for its crypto exchange and coin adoption interests, which are a major feature of cryptocurrency and that have yet to be harnessed to their full potential. This is where Aussie Digital hope to step in in order to revolutionise not just the crypto trading options in Australia, but in the wider world. But how will Aussie Digital’s new platform affect competition in Australian cryptocurrency trading?

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Aussie Digital to Launch Tradedo Coin Exchange

Tradedo, the platform launched by Aussie Digital, will be a coin exchange. Australia already has a fierce trading market for cryptocurrency, so standing out is crucial. One aspect of cryptocurrency is the ability to trade altcoins – this ranges from Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) as well as a host of others. Though some criticize the complexity of the markets at present as being counterintuitive to altcoin trading, Aussie Digital hopes that Tradedo will make it easier with their coin exchange. Aussie Digital already have a wide breadth of knowledge in the blockchain technology field, so harnessing this know-how will be a critical benefit to the success of Tradedo.

What Will the Tradedo Coin Exchange Do?

By focusing on businesses who will be blockchain integrated, Aussie Digital plans to use its own token, AUD, as a source of credit for its own systems within the network. Businesses would then be able to use the services offered by Aussie Digital – including an e-commerce platform, Tradezy, and a social media network, Chatezy. Tradedo will offer exchanges of altcoins and a way to proliferate the AUD as a unit of cryptocurrency in the Australian crypto arena. As Bitcoin had the world talking about the uses of blockchain, and Ethereum and Ripple showcased exactly how blockchain went beyond cryptocurrency, AUD aims to show the full host of services that a fully-integrated crypto platform would offer.

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How Will Aussie Digital Change the Australian Crypto Arena?

The platform would be designed to entice both beginner traders and those with many years of experience, which is a factor that permits some people entry to trading. A user-friendly interface can make all the difference, especially for such customizable technology. By focusing predominately on this aspect, Aussie Digital plan to use it as their sustainable competitive advantage against the rest of Australia – and the world’s – crypto trading platforms. Some of the best ideas happen to be the simpler ones, so using simplicity as a branding message is key. Having a strong customer support system in place – and focusing on the improved security Aussie Digital offer, will also stand them in good stead when they go to market against their competition in a fierce industry.

Aussie Digital don’t plan to re-invent the wheel when it comes to cryptocurrency trading, but they plan to show new uses for the industry and offer to make it easier for newbies to get involved. By showing their dedication to their customer, the company already break down some of the impersonal barriers that many feel exist in the fintech world.

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