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As Crypto Market Turns Bullish, Metacade Ready to Surge in 2023

Alice Davies

2022 was largely a year to forget for crypto markets, with the crash of prominent players such as Luna and FTX, combined with broader downward economic pressure. Many currencies suffered unfortunate losses within only months of hitting all-time highs during 2021’s bull market.

With the effects of the 2022 crypto crash still reverberating through the early weeks of 2023, there are nevertheless hints that bullish crypto market conditions are beginning to return. One crypto coin set to surge in 2023 and thrive in these conditions is the metaverse gaming platform, Metacade.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a blockchain-based gaming arcade that’s creating the metaverse’s most extensive array of play-to-earn (P2E) games, attracting gaming enthusiasts from around the world to congregate into a burgeoning community hub of like-minded individuals. The platform’s substantive and rock-solid road map, viewable in their white paper, is designed to please gamers of all guises, from the casual player to the seasoned online tournament gamer.

Their unrivaled P2E mechanics offer crypto rewards to gamers as they complete challenges and tasks in games, climb leaderboards, and beat opponents in 1v1 duels. Each community member is further incentivized to take an active role on the platform, by being offered passive income for the content they contribute to the hub through the Create2Earn scheme. This could be in the form of writing game reviews, sharing alpha, passing on much-needed game tips, and participating in live chats.

Other earning streams include the Compete2Earn initiative, where users stake MCADE tokens to enter online tournaments, and regular prize draws. Successful members can take a share of a substantial and lucrative prize pool in each case. Meanwhile, the Work2Earn scheme launches in Q1 2024, bringing the best-paid gig opportunities, beta testing roles, and full-time Web3 positions to community members, helping push their careers forward in Web3, crypto, or gaming.

How does Metacade work?

Metacade is fuelled by the native MCADE coin, which is used for all transactions on the platform. Revenue to provide the flow of MCADE tokens is due to be generated from several sources, internally and externally to the platform. Community members themselves can contribute via the token staking initiative or through enjoying the pay-to-play section of the arcade.

At the same time, external funding is provided by advertising on the hub, charging gaming companies to release games on Metacade via the launchpad tool, and hosting the most exciting Web3 career opportunities on their jobs board.

Unlike many other GameFi tokens, Metacade does not rely on a single title or exclusive NFTs to attract gamers to the platform. Its entire ethos places gamers at the very forefront of the platform, providing the broadest possible range of classic arcade titles alongside the most innovative modern GameFi and pay-to-play titles.

Metacade: Driving GameFi innovation

Although in its infancy, it’s already clear that Metacade is gearing up to take on the best, displaying its ambitions to become a leader in the GameFi sector and bring innovation to the entire industry. From Q3 2023, such innovation can be found through its ground-breaking Metagrants scheme, which will likely have a seismic impact across the whole metaverse-gaming market.

Designed to support the creation of new exclusive titles for Metacade, developers can apply for funding to help them turn ideas for the best new Web3 gaming titles into reality. Each submission goes into a pool before undergoing a community-wide vote. The most popular ideas get production support with a Metagrant, valuable funding that brings significant benefits.

Metacade and its community will feel the most apparent benefits with the continual evolution of the platform as new titles are regularly released. Existing gamers get outstanding games they want to play and remain engaged throughout the entire process. At the same time, Metacade will likely attract new generations of GameFi fans with each release.

Meanwhile, developers can benefit from real-world experience, which will prove essential as they pursue full-time careers in the expanding Web3 industry. As new Web3 techniques are developed and put into practice through this system, exciting new talent gain recognition. As such, Metacade can rightly position itself as a true pioneer within the crypto market.

The current bearish crypto trends could make it a good time to invest in MCADE tokens

Current bear crypto market conditions are often considered good opportunities for long-term investors to find excellent value coins at low prices, with the potential of excellent returns to be made as markets turn bullish. The prolonged fallout from the 2022 crypto crash makes now an ideal time for long-term investors to get involved in the crypto market.

With that in mind, MCADE could not have launched at a better time. Its presale event has already gathered enormous momentum in a short time, with thousands of investors flocking to find the best possible value. After launching at $0.008 during the beta phase, it raised an astonishing $5m in its first 10 weeks, and more than $7m has now been raised as the hype continues to grow.

The current token price of $0.014 will rise during subsequent presale rounds to an eventual cost of $0.02 when MCADE hits cryptocurrency exchanges. With the presale expected to sell out quickly, demand for MCADE tokens could surge when it goes public. With crypto markets turning bullish, now is an excellent time to invest in MCADE.

 You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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