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Are We In A Recession? Can Investing in Crypto Help?

Alice Davies

With the economic turmoil around the world constantly in the headlines at the moment, it’s no surprise that there is a great deal of concern from investors. There has been so much talk of negative growth with many asking themselves: are we in a recession right now?

In times of economic disruption, it’s difficult to know which investments offer the most upside. Those who invest in crypto are likely to see some significant protection due to so many early-stage projects that can offer incredible returns, meaning that they can more than outpace the rate of inflation and any negative economic growth in their jurisdiction.

One such project is Metacade, an exciting and innovative new venture currently running a presale. Metacade has recently released a detailed and considered whitepaper that has piqued the interest of many well-respected investors who invest in crypto and led many to believe that Metacade could offer such incredible returns that those holding Metacade don’t need to ask, “are we in a recession?” in light of the gains they are likely to make.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is turning the huge world of gaming on its head by creating the world’s largest play-to-earn (P2E) arcade in the metaverse. The Metacade team has made it clear that they understand gaming and gamers and want to provide a revolution in the way that people play games online, allowing gamers to have an income stream directly as a result of playing the games they love the most, with, and within, the Metacade community.

The project’s huge P2E arcade is an appropriate focal point of the project, with the arcade forming the core of the Metacade ecosystem. However, there is more to Metacade than just the arcade, and each area can be seen to provide a holistic benefit to the entire endeavor.

With the Metacade project focusing on delivering income for gamers, there are more options open to users than just the flagship P2E arcade. An exhaustive rewards system is in place throughout the experience, meaning that as well as through playing in the P2E arcade, users can earn rewards by playing in different ways they may prefer, such as entering competitive ladders on some titles or playing in tournaments.

How does Metacade work?

Metacade uses a utility token called MCADE, which is used extensively across the platform and can be considered the currency of the platform. In this sense, MCADE is used for all value exchanges across the platform, such as acquiring merchandise or entering tournaments. 

The MCADE tokenomics have been well-designed, with the circulating supply being fixed at just two billion tokens. The project has also outlined staking features, meaning that while investors are holding their MCADE tokens and waiting for the unavoidable price gains as adoption increases, they are also able to leverage their tokens to earn a passive income through staking.

The team has also expressed an interest in integrating token buyback and burning functionality, which would increase the price of MCADE by making the token deflationary.

One of the strongest elements of the Metacade design is the synergies between different features of the platform. Nothing demonstrates this better than the Metagrants program, which enables skilled game development teams to build a case for funding their game development ideas. These ideas are presented to the Metacade community, and MCADE holders are then able to vote on their preferred project. The winner is eligible for funding from the treasury and will be lined up for future release on the Metacade platform.

Is Metacade a good way to invest in crypto?

Metacade is looking like the best project in crypto right now, and for those asking, “are we in a recession?”, Metacade may offer a sure bet to outweigh any negative GDP by providing stellar returns.

It’s no surprise that the MCADE presale is selling out fast: the project has already raised $4.5m in just 10 weeks. Whether the answer to “are we in a recession” is yes or no, one thing we can rely on is the Metacade presale selling out in record time. 

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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