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Aragon announces merger with blockchain voting solutions firm Vocdoni

Merger and acquisition business concept

Vocdoni’s expertise in leveraging decentralised technologies was one of the major reasons for the merger

Aragon Association, the stewards of a protocol that specialises in easy creation of decentralised autonomous organizations (DAOs), has announced that it will be acquiring Vocdoni protocol, a blockchain-based voting and governance solution provider from Estonia-based Dvote Labs Oü. The purchase was completed in December for an undisclosed price paid in ANT, the native token of the Aragon network.

The teams from Aragon and Vocdoni will collaborate under a new company controlled by members from both firms to build an integrated solution to boost the Aragon ecosystem.

Vocdoni technology uses zero-knowledge cryptography that will be beneficial in creating infinitely scalable, free and anonymous voting with the on-chain settlement said Joe Charlesworth, executive director of the Aragon Association.

“While we recently made a breakthrough to allow for off-chain voting with on-chain settlement, the privacy aspect and the usage of a sidechain and oracles to settle votes on-chain is, in my opinion, unparalleled”, he explained.

Charlesworth further stated that the voting solutions firm’s expertise in leveraging decentralised technologies like the Interplanetary File System and Libp2p, a networking solution, has been one of the main reasons for going through with the merger.

“We believe that leveraging Aragon’s brand, treasury and domain expertise will help push forward the adoption of decentralised governance”, he added.

Vocdoni’s efforts towards holding held voting trials in Europe for Omnium Cultural, a cultural association with more than 180,000 members will be continued by the new team with the focus on working with traditional customers as they develop the technology for use in DAOs.

Joan Arus, chief operating officer at Vocdoni, confirmed that early investors of Vocdoni were included in the newly merged company the Dvote Labs board and active members voted unanimously for the acquisition.

The merger model used by Aragon is starkly different from the one used by Yearn.finance. Luis Cuende, the founder of the Aragon Association, told Cointelegraph that he “really likes Yearn’s approach to M&A”, adding that it is a “refreshing take” on crypto network mergers.

He explained that the biggest difference between the two types of M&A was the fact that fewer financial relationships were involved in Yearn’s acquisition.

“I’d say that a difference is that some of the mergers that Yearn has done are more akin to partnership, with each project keeping its token. Here, we are all uniting around ANT and making it stronger”, he added.

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