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AI Altcoins Lead Bear Market Rally – What Does That Mean For Metacade?

Alice Davies

The bear market rally has caused the highest trending crypto projects to rise massively in a short space of time. AI projects such as Fetch.ai (FET) and The Graph (GRT) have been strong, but few have outperformed the highest trending crypto projects in GameFi.

Metacade, a trending crypto project in GameFi, shows major signs of future growth. As the bear market rally continues, investors wonder whether AI or GameFi is the best option to buy.

AI and GameFi are the highest trending crypto projects during the bear market rally

Few altcoins have performed as well as artificial intelligence (AI) projects during the bear market rally. AI is a revolutionary area of technological advancement where machine learning is used to analyze and respond to complex data sets. While AI can be used for several purposes, it is on a collision course with blockchain since the distributed ledger is essentially a database.

AI and blockchain are two of the most cutting-edge technologies of our time, and their potential is exponential when combined. After the popularity of ChatGPT, an instant messaging application with an AI algorithm developed by OpenAI, investors have poured into AI-based cryptocurrencies such as FET during the bear market rally – which has now exploded over 400%.

Despite this, GameFi platforms remain some of the highest-trending crypto projects on the market. Decentraland (MANA) is almost 200%, and Metacade has nearly sold out 4 presale phases. So, what does the popularity of AI-based cryptocurrencies mean for new GameFi platforms such as Metacade?

Can MCADE reach $5 in 2025?

While heavily favoring AI technologies, the bear market rally has not stopped the major GameFi projects from being near the top of the trending crypto lists. Metacade’s crypto presale remains one of the strongest investment opportunities of the bear market rally, with the long-term price prediction for Metacade looking extremely promising.

The MCADE token will be launched on exchanges later in 2023, and the new GameFi platform will go live. This is expected to cause a 50x price increase for the new token by the end of 2023, before the token gains momentum ahead of a future bull market.

By 2025, MCADE is expected to reach over $5 in value. This will be a 350x price rise from the end of the presale as Metacade looks ready to rival the biggest GameFi platforms in Web3, including Decentraland (MANA) and Axie Infinity (AXS).

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a community-driven arcade built using blockchain technology. The platform aims to deliver many Web3 play-to-earn games, with many different gaming experiences available to Metacade’s user base.

Metacade looks to become a central hub for Web3 users, connecting like-minded crypto enthusiasts and offering extensive earning capabilities directly on the platform. Not only can players play some of the most addictive arcade games on the blockchain, but they can also uncover the latest trends, compete online, and gain unprecedented access to job opportunities.

How does Metacade work?

The metaverse arcade offers casual and competitive gameplay, as users can join paid entry tournaments to compete for major crypto rewards. The arcade games in the Metacade offer endless challenges for gamers, with each game having integrated financial rewards as players progress and beat their high scores.

Metacade’s community hub will reward users for creating content and contributing to the platform. This can include game reviews, sharing alpha, and interacting with others directly. All interactions in the Metacade community hub can earn users rewards, which is a ground-breaking feature that makes Metacade stand apart from other GameFi projects.

As well as this, Metacade is creating new jobs for Web3 users through the Work2Earn mechanic. Metacade will connect its community to its partner projects and post job advertisements ranging from part-time gig work to full-time positions. All jobs in the Metcade are fully paid, representing a useful method of getting a foot in the door at some of Web3’s leading projects.

MCADE is a game-changer

Like many of Web3’s leading AI projects, Metacade is changing the game for good. Users can gain brand-new benefits while playing games online and maximize their crypto income through the platform’s unique features.

Metacade has been taking off during the bear market rally and is fast becoming one of the highest-trending crypto projects on the market. Since the MCADE token is still in its presale, it is gearing up for major price action in the coming years.

AI vs. GameFi: Is MCADE still the best buy?

AI projects have a bright future in the world of Web3, and the recent performance of FET is a strong sign of what’s to come for the AI sector of blockchain technology. However, GameFi projects have been some of the highest-trending crypto projects for the past few years, with MANA, SAND, and AXS rising over 200x in 2021.

MCADE is set to repeat the feat, and it may outperform even the highest-trending crypto projects in AI. The MCADE presale looks like the perfect opportunity to get involved in the next 100x gem in GameFi, so check it out before the price potentially skyrockets.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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