Cryptocurrency Exchange News

Top Ethereum Exchanges: Where to Buy Ethereum

Wondering where to buy Ethereum for the first time or not happy with your platform? Best Bitcoin Exchange lists 5 great platforms for investing in Ethereum!

Price chart

Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates: The Top 5 Exchanges for Accurate Prices

Want to get the best possible cryptocurrency prices? These top exchanges offer the most profitable price for your crypto coins, from Bitcoin to Litecoin and beyond.

Segwit 2x

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges that Accept Segwit2x

Here are the 5 best cryptocurrency exchanges that support Segwit2x online in 2018 - find everything you need to know about them today!


The 4 Worst Reddit Cryptocurrency Exchange Horror Stories

With 2017’s bitcoin boom causing carnage across the leading exchanges, it’s little wonder that some people got their fingers burnt.

Making Money with Bitcoin Arbitrage: Exchange Vs Exchange

For novices, one of the most effective ways to trade is by using a strategy known as arbitrage. So how do you make money online with arbitrage trading? 


The top 5 Coinbase Issues That Worry Users

Coinbase has often been a great starting point among newcomers to cryptocurrency investing. What's there to Worry About?


Comparing the Benefits of Changelly and Shapeshift

Taking the idea of speed and efficiency a step further, instant exchanges have become popular in the last year or so. Leading the way in this area are Changelly and Shapeshift. 


Cex Reddit Reviews: What’s going on?

Irate investors have taken to Reddit to vent their frustration at a string of aspects about the site’s operations.


How Binance Became a Crypto Behemoth and Changed the Game

With the market on a high and people of all skill levels interested in making trades, one name has established itself as a veritable crypto monster. 


The 5 Top Bitcoin Apps: Trade on the Move

Let’s take a look at the top five Bitcoin apps available on the market to use either as an investment tool or as a virtual wallet.

Invest in Bitcoin

7 Top Tips You Need to Know Before Investing in Bitcoin

With 2017 being a milestone year for Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies, we look at top tips to investing in Bitcoin.

Death of Bitconnect

The Death of Bitconnect - When Crypto Turns Ponzi Scheme: 

The Controverisal exchange, we look into how and why it ended up down the pan and whether it was a ponzi scheme from day 1

Top Crypto Exchanges

Top Crypto Exchanges for 2018:

Infographic that shows you everything you need to know about the top crypto exchanges in 2018. What criteria do you need to be looking at when deciding who to go with?

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