If you are thinking of investing in Ethereum or you already have a position on Ethereum, it’s important to keep up-to-date with the price of Ethereum. This will help you to ascertain buy and sell positions on the Ethereum share price. The best way to keep on top of the price movement of Ethereum is to view the Ethereum price live chart embedded below. Using the chart, it’s possible to monitor hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly price moves on Ethereum.

Live Ethereum price

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There appears to be a trend between the price of Ethereum and other leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. When the price of Bitcoin rises, Ethereum’s share price tends to rise too. The movement of Bitcoin, the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, tends to influence all other cryptocurrencies and altcoins. In April 2018, Ethereum experienced a 10% rise within an hour of Bitcoin’s price rise of over $1,000, breaking $8,000.

Historical Ethereum price & Ethereum volume

In terms of the circulating supply of Ether, it is the most common form of cryptocurrency you can find in the world. More than 97 million Ether is in supply as of February 2018.

Ethereum market cap

There is lots of exciting innovation happening on the0 Ethereum network. Developers are working hard on decentralised apps (dapps) and the network itself is undergoing a host of improvements. In order to power these services and refinements, the amount of Ether required will increase with it. Many fintech experts predict that Ethereum’s market cap will surpass Bitcoin long-term, although Bitcoin will remain the highest cryptocurrency per unit. It is very telling that the Ethereum network has sought not to apply a market cap on Ether, suggesting that its importance will rise in the months and years ahead.

Why Ethereum’s price is so volatile

Some traditional financial investors are risk-averse and attempt to steer clear of the volatility of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. However, the fluctuation of the price of Ethereum should be embraced rather than shunned. It brings a wealth of trading opportunities in a fast-moving market, with considerable price rises and falls in recent months.

Let’s use a week in June 2018 as an example: the Ethereum price fell to a low of $475 on 13th June before rising to $537 just seven days later. Had you purchased Ethereum online on 13th June, you’d have made a 13% profit within a week.

Of course, there are several underlying factors in the cryptocurrency market that influence the short and long-term price of Ethereum too:

  1. Mining profitability
  2. Government regulations
  3. The accessibility of cryptocurrency exchanges

Ethereum live news updates

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