Whilst bitcoin still dominates the cryptocurrency market in terms of market cap, there are still some other huge coins that have a huge part to play in to crypto industry. Understanding how these work is imperative before looking to invest and expand your portfolio. Below is a list of coins that are popular with investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios.






Or alternatively if you’re still a bit unsure as to exactly what a cryptocurrency is, see our beginners guide and glossary that will explain all the technical terms you may come across.

Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrencies



Understanding the wider cryptocurrency market can only benefit investors, as the industry grows there becomes more and more aspects that can help develop a portfolio and an investors knowledge base. See below for guides on wallets and exchanges:




For an insight into how cryptocurrencies have affected popular culture, see our infographic on cryptocurrencies and 7 money motivated musicians.

Celebrities & Cryptocurrencies