From powering the US economy to acting as an international monetary standard, the US Dollar (USD) plays a vital role in financial sector. With that being the case, it’s hardly surprising the leading fiat to Bitcoin exchanges now offer USD payment options. To tell you more about how you can buy Bitcoin (BTC) using USD and where to do it, take a look at our guide below.

Best USD to BTC Cryptocurrency Exchanges

As the cryptocurrency industry has evolved, so too have local laws. Although Bitcoin and the leading altcoins are all universal tokens, regulations aren’t. Because of the changing legal landscape, you need to find local exchanges you can use in the US.

Indeed, as you’ll see when you scroll through our recommended platforms, there are trading platforms that are open to Europeans that aren’t available to Americans and vice versa. What’s more, you’ll find crypto-to-crypto exchanges that won’t accept any fiats. Fortunately, with USD being such an important currency, there are dozens of options to choose from, including BitBay Exchange and BitStamp exchange, both of which don’t charge any deposit fees for USD transactions.

Why Buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency with USD?

Buy BTC with USD

Invest online with USD to BTC exchanges.

Although the idea of using crypto-only sites like Binance is great, the process of making deposits, trades and withdrawals can be slightly daunting for novices. Because things aren’t as intuitive, it can deter newbies from joining the market. To counter this, USD to BTC exchanges have made the investment process less complex. However, that’s not the only reason you should consider buying BTC with USD…

Stability: Being one of the world’s strongest currencies means that you never have to worry that USD is going to significantly drop in value or disappear altogether. That’s not something you can say about all cryptos. Therefore, when you use the Gemini Exchange, you can make ACH bank payments in USD for free and not worry you’ll never be able to withdraw your funds via the same method.

Variety: When you make USD to Bitcoin payments, the world is your oyster. At HitBTC Exchange, you’ll be able to fund your account for free using bank transfer. Choose the Xcoins Exchange and you can invest in BTC using USD through the PayPal eWallet or credit/debit card. Put simply, when you use a USD to BTC exchange, there will be plenty of payment options to choose from.

Low Fees/High Limits: As a verified user at BitPanada Exchange, you can deposit up to $11,000 fee-free every day. Using the Paxful trading site, you can scroll through a variety of individual sellers in order to find the best trading conditions for you. Because USD is so popular, it’s a lot easier for companies to set better rates which, in turn, allow you to trade Bitcoin for less money.

Are USD to BTC Transactions Safe?

Assuming you use the right USD to Bitcoin exchange, the answer is yes. Take, as an example, 24Option trading. This online trading platform is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Because of this, your money is always protected. Indeed, even if you make a minimum deposit of $100, the standards 24Option has to maintain mean your risk of fraud is virtually zero.

Understanding USD/BTC Pairs

When you’re looking to buy Bitcoin online, you’ll have the ability to trade USD/BTC pairs in two distinct ways. Depending on your preferences, you can use your dollars to invest in BTC directly or indirectly:

Crypto Trading: This method is a direct way of investing in cryptocurrencies using USD. At exchanges offering USD/BTC pairs, you’ll be able to exchange your dollars for the equivalent amount in BTC. To put it another way, you’re actually buying Bitcoin in the same way you’d buy a foreign currency before you go on holiday. This makes it a direct way of investing in cryptos because you actually own the underlying asset. Because of this, you’ll only make money if the value of BTC increases from the point at which you bought it.

CFD Trading: Known as contracts for difference (CFD) trading, this method is an indirect way of investing in Bitcoin. Offered by online trading platforms that provide markets on forex, indices and commodities, BTC CFDs don’t allow you to buy the underlying asset. In other words, you won’t own any Bitcoin when you choose this method. Instead, what you’ll purchase is a virtual contract at a certain price which can be sold for a different price. The benefit of using USD/BTC CFD exchanges such as eToro Trading is that you can speculate on the price of the asset increasing or decreasing.

Now you’re ready to buy Bitcoin using USD, check out our recommended crypto exchanges and start investing today

Current BTC/USD Rate

Top Exchanges to buy USD to BTC

  • BitBay
  • BitStamp
  • Binance
  • Gemini
  • HitBTC
  • Xcoins
  • BitPanda
  • Paxful
  • 24Option
  • eToro


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