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RSS Feeds Provided by BestBitcoinExchange

The cryptocurrency space is very fast-paced, so keeping up to date on the thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market can be a Herculean task.

An RSS feed for BestBitcoinExchange can help you stay ahead of the market by sending news updates as they go online.

BestBitcoinExchange covers the latest breaking cryptocurrency news, from market analysis, new regulation, technology and business developments, so with a BBE RSS set up, you can have the latest news delivered straight to your laptop or smartphone.

Stay connected in 3 simple steps…

Follow these three simple steps to add BestBitcoinExchange feeds to your RSS:

  1. Choose the categories you want to follow – we feature categories for market news, business, policy and regulation, technical analysis and much more
  2. Click the RSS icon to add it to your feed
  3. BestBitcoinExchange stories will then be delivered to your feed every day

Main Feeds

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Receive News on Specific Topics

If you’re only interested in news related to specific cryptocurrency projects, you can tailor the RSS feed to only give you relevant news.

If, for instance, you have bought Bitcoin but don’t want to check the charts all the time, our news output will keep you informed of any major developments that happen down the line BBE can bring these to your attention.

User Agreement

Use of our RSS feeds for the syndication of news articles is permitted; however, we reserve the right to block third party usage if our User Agreement is breached.

  1. Links to BestBitcoinExchange – Platforms may use RSS feeds if they provide a direct link to the full article found on BestBitcoinExchange. Please do not use our RSS feeds without the inclusion of a functional link to BestBitcoinExchange.
  2. Acknowledgement – When posting RSS feeds from BestBitcoinExchange, give full credit to the content provided and owned by BestBitcoinExchange in the form of the full brand name, company logo or URL link.
  3. Commercial Profiting – BestBitcoinExchange does not allow the direct profiting from the commercial use of our RSS feed. We acknowledge that individuals and companies might earn additional income as an indirect result of using our RSS feed, but individual cases as these will be reviewed periodically.
  4. Unauthorised Modifications – You may not modify the content provided in our RSS feeds in any way including, but not limited to; titles, body-content, images and authorship. BestBitcoinExchange is not responsible for any content modifications.
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