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About ForexTB

In this review, we’re going to look at the broker ForexTB. Despite this not technically being an exchange, it is a viable place to buy Bitcoin and to hold it as an investment.

We do an in-depth review of all our brokers and exchanges to find the most suitable for our users. This includes highlighting the platform, fees, safety, reputation and many more.

Originally from Cyprus, ForexTB was founded in 2008 and was designed to be a Forex and binary options broker. Since the worldwind, that is cryptocurrencies, hit the world it has altered slightly and now offers many cryptocurrencies to its users. It is regulated by the regulatory board CySEC, meaning that your money is safe when you deposit.

Not only do they offer the normal brokerage services that give everyone access to the financial markets but they also place an emphasis on education by providing seminars, webinars and analysing the market.

Advantages of ForexTB

  • No hacks or data breaches
  • CySEC regulated
  • Buy cryptocurrencies in real time
  • Liquid market makes entry and exit easy and at the price you want
  • You can sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without owning it
  • Worldwide company, offices based around the world
  • User friendly platform

Disadvantages of ForexTB

  • You do not own the underlying asset
  • Not available in the US or Canada
  • Withdrawal fees can be relatively high on some payment methods as they’re a percentage
  • Small amount of cryptocurrencies available


You will be charged a small amount to withdraw from your account but this is usual with brokers. The other fees you are charged are all included in the spread. This is the small commission the broker takes on each trade. you will notice that when you take a trade you are automatically offside, that is because you get in just below the market price. The spread will vary depending on the market you are trading. For instance the more volatile the asset the more likely the spread will be wider, so Ripple will likely have a wider spread than bitcoin.

Account types

When you open a 24 option account, you have the choice of 4 different accounts. They are as follow:

  • Basic: €250. This includes: 1 Basic Lesson, No Webinars, Daily News, Trading Central, Trading Central SMS Alert, 100% Margin Call, 1 Free Withdrawal Fee.
  • Gold: €5,000. This includes: 2 Basic Lessons, 1 Monthly Webinar, Daily News, Trading Central, Trading Central SMS Alert, 100% Margin Call, 1 Monthly Free Withdrawal.
  • Platinum: €10,000. This includes: 3 Advanced Lessons, 2 Monthly Webinars, Daily News, Trading Central, Trading Central SMS Alert, 100% Margin Call, 3 Monthly Free Withdrawals.
  • VIP: €50,000. This includes: 5 Advanced Lessons, 5 Monthly Webinars, Daily News, Trading Central, Trading Central SMS Alert, 100% Margin Call, No fees.

Deposits and Withdrawals

There are various methods you can deposit with 24 Option, they include credit card, electronic payments such as Skrill and through a wire transfer.

The minimum deposit amounts are:

Credit card: €250

Electronic payment: €250

Wire transfer: €1000

Withdrawals will be charged depending on the method you intend to withdraw. For security reasons, you must provide verification to ensure that it is you trying to take your money.

Payment methods on withdrawals are the same as deposits and you must withdraw the same was you deposited.

The withdrawal process will be conducted as quickly as possible however there may be circumstances where withdrawals may take longer than expected. this might include banks opening hours for example. To make sure the process is quick, it’s advisable to keep your verification documentation up to date before you make your request.

Using ForexTB

How to Sign Up in 5 Quick Steps:

1- Click here

2- Enter your name, email and phone number.

3- Click Deposit and complete your profile.

4- Choose your payment method

5- Fund your account and buy bitcoin!

Customer Support

You can contact 24 Option via various communication avenues, namely phone, chat and email during the regional business hours. As 24 Option are a worldwide company they have offices around the world and so they can cater for most locations.


All in all we think that 24 Option is a good option to use when looking to buy bitcoin. Yes, when you buy bitcoin you do not actually own the underlying asset however you can still profit from the price fluctuations that are still making headlines. Their customer service also makes the experience very pleasant. If you are still not sold on using 24 Option, it might be worth checking out our eToro review who can boast a few more benefits to 24 Option.





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