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Cryptorobot365 Review – Is the Cryptorobot365 Bitcoin robot a Scam?

Trading Bitcoin or any other altcoin like the Ethereum coin, Ripple coin, or Dash cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be hard work. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can now sit back and let a cryptocurrency robot trade for you. Once you use one of the crypto trading bots listed below, you’re basically accessing a piece of software that uses algorithms to automatically complete buy/sell orders. Yes, you will have to keep an eye on things, but altcoin and Bitcoin robots essentially make trading a lot easier. In this Cryptorobot365 review, we’re going to outline how one of the leading products on the market makes auto-trading a reality.

How does the Cryptorobot365 software work?

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When you become a member of Cryptorobot365, the first thing that happens is that you’ll be given a trading account at Roiteks. Now, if you’ve read our Bitcoin exchange reviews, you’ll know that there are plenty of options out there. What we recommend is using our eToro sign-up link to sign up for this social trading platform. Once in, you’ll see that it’s possible to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies as commodities. At other exchanges, you can purchase the underlying asset. Whichever way you choose to trade, there are Bitcoin bots that can take care of things for you.

This is exactly what Cryptorobot365 does on Roiteks exchange. This bot will execute trades in one of three ways:

Classic: When a cryptocurrency breaks out from its normal price range, this is seen as the start of a trend. If you select this trading method, the software will look for an abnormal price movement and then place a buy/sell order based on your personal settings and market conditions.

Martingale: Using this trading method basically allows the software to make buy orders at a base price and then double your stake each time the previous trade fails (loses money). The hope is that a trade will then have some success, at which point the profit will cancel out your previous investments and give you something back on top.

Fibonacci: Although we don’t have time to explain the subtle nuances of Fibonacci trading in this Cryptorobot365 review, we can give you the basics. Put simply, the software will take two price extremes (usually a market high and low) and perform some calculations. From these calculations, you get Fibonacci retracements which are suggested price points at which you should enter and exit the market. If you select this option, your cryptocurrency robot will do all the complex bits for you.

Cryptorobot365 Technical Features

In addition to giving you three different trading methods, this bot has a range of technical features. By calling up the settings panel, you can adjust the following parameters to suit your preferences and bankroll:

–  Investment Per Trade: Adjust the amount you’re staking on a single trade. The minimum is £25.-  Risk: Choose a low, medium or high-risk strategy.-  Max Trades: Select the number of trades you want the robot to handle at once.-  Profit Investment: You can decide to invest a certain amount of your profit into the next trade. The smallest rollover you can choose is 25%.-  Signals: The software is capable of collecting signals (market data) at a variety of intervals ranging from one minute to one day.-  Indicators: Turn on/off which indicators you want the bot to search for. Options include TREND, RSI, STOCH, MACD, CCI and WILLIAMS.-  Currency: As well as Bitcoin and various altcoins, this trading robot can execute buy/sell orders on a selection of fiat currency pairs, including GBP/USD and USD/JPY.

In our opinion, this selection of technical features is fantastic. By giving you the option to adjust so many settings, this product makes it easy for everyone to trade at a level that suits them. In fact, this is one of the reasons we can respond with a resounding ‘no’ when someone asks the question ‘is Cryptorobot365 a scam?’

Because you’re not being forced to use a high-risk method or spend more than you can afford, the developers aren’t putting you in harm’s way. What’s more, you can start and stop the algorithms at your leisure. Yes, the company earns a small amount of commission each time you make a trade. However, it’s not pushing you to make high-value moves just so it can earn a quick buck. For this reason alone, the obvious answer to the question ‘is Cryptorobot365 a scam?’ is no.

Cryptorobot365 Profits

One thing we noticed during our Cryptorobot365 review was that the software contains pop-ups. Once you’re logged into the site, a ‘profit’ alert will appear in the top right of the screen each time an active trader makes some money.

From these messages, we could see that the average user was making £20 to £100 on a fairly consistent basis. Of course, it’s almost impossible to tell how much each person makes in total. However, what we do know is that the company claims to have a 90%+ success rate and users have reported profits of £400 per day.

Tutorial About How To Use Cryptorobot365

The reason this Cryptorobot365 review has been fairly upbeat is that the software is so easy to use. Even though we love all the technical bits, the reality is that this product is impressive because it’s something everyone can understand. To show you what we mean, here is how to use Cryptorobot365 in three simple steps:

1. Follow our Cryptorobot365 sign-up link, complete the registration form and verify your account using the code sent to you via email.

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2. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll also be given access to the exchange. From here you can make and deposit and use the settings tab to adjust the technical features.

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3. Finally, when everything is set, hit the “auto-trade” button and the software will kick into life.

Try Cryptorobot365 using this link

Is Cryptorobot365 a Scam?

In our opinion, Cryptorobot365 isn’t a scam. As we noted earlier in this Cryptorobot365 review, the software is designed to be flexible. Because the settings can be tailored to suit your preferences, you aren’t being forced into a potentially risky situation. Moreover, the product is free. The company makes its money through commission, which means you don’t have any upfront costs. Scam sites often ask you to pay a large fee in order to access some sort of “premium” product. This trading robot isn’t like that and, for this reason, we don’t think it’s a scam.

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