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The Bitcoin Method Review – Is Bitcoin Method a scam?

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There’s no doubt that the internet is flooded with people asking ‘is the Bitcoin Method a scam?’ Automated trading robots such as The Bitcoin Method have courted significant interest from those in the cryptocurrency and forex trading industries. That’s because popular cryptocurrency robots like The Bitcoin Method and Bitcoin Code are promising significant returns on investment using their top-secret trading algorithms. With that in mind, we thought now was the ideal time to conduct a root-and-branch review of The Bitcoin Method and how much money you can expect to make from minimum initial deposits of only £250.

How does the Bitcoin Method software work?

The Bitcoin Method was created by an entrepreneur named Joe Templeton – a cybersecurity whizz with a reported Harvard education. Templeton’s ambition for The Bitcoin Method has been to help others to profit hugely from the long-term growth in the value of Bitcoin. It has quickly become one of the most popular cryptocurrency robots on the internet as it costs nothing to join the beta test and make your first $15,551. The system’s founder created an application that accurately predicts the price of Bitcoin in advance.

Two of the primary reasons why people have questioned if The Bitcoin Method is a scam are its elaborate advertising and marketing promises. Admittedly it’s hard not to be sceptical about a service which commits to helping you earn $15,551 for free. Nevertheless, there are plenty of genuine testimonials on-site to testify to the quality of the Bitcoin Method software.

Like all other popular cryptocurrency robots, The Bitcoin Method won’t allow you to buy Bitcoin directly – nor other leading crypto coins. Instead, you’ll have access to a range of binary options brokers, giving you the chance to speculate on a raft of cryptocurrency trading pairs. The Bitcoin Method employs a number of automated trading mechanisms to execute ultra-fast trades and spot market trends quicker than the vast majority of crypto traders that don’t utilise cryptocurrency robots.

The Bitcoin Method technical features

When you’re stumping up some of your own cash to invest in The Bitcoin Method, it’s important to know whether the technical features that underpin the service are rock-solid. The Bitcoin method robot is hard-wired to a number of binary options platforms and identifies a plethora of daily trading opportunities of interest to members. These opportunities may involve arbitrage (taking profits where the price of Bitcoin is misaligned between two different binary platforms). The Bitcoin Method also utilises ‘sentiment calculators’ to determine the best possible trading opportunities for members.

What is different about The Bitcoin Method is that it sees you commit to financial contracts based on the future value of cryptocurrencies, rather than the current price. The Bitcoin Method therefore benefits those who are simply interested in profiting from the price movements of cryptocurrency rather than physically using it to purchase goods and services. Of course, binary options platforms can provide significant long-term profits if your predictions come true, it’s important to note that they do carry an element of risk. One wrong trade could lead to significant losses, so using a popular cryptocurrency robot that automates trades and pinpoints the best opportunities to get involved in the markets is hugely beneficial.

The Bitcoin Method profits

The Bitcoin Method promises new members can make up to $14,000 per day just by investing in Bitcoin alone. It’s important to remember that the use of the words ‘up to’ means that your profits could be anywhere in between zero and $14,000. Many of the negative reviewers of Bitcoin Method have cited their inability to make $14,000 a day, despite them making steady daily profits, which is somewhat unfair to the service.

Nevertheless, providing you make the right trading decisions using the Bitcoin Method software, binary options and forex trading enables you to make fast profits. Binary options trading relates to the future price of a cryptocurrency rising or falling in relation to another cryptocurrency – for example, the price of Ethereum or the price of Ripple.

If you are particularly short on time and you still want to generate passive income from The Bitcoin Method, members have the option to tether their trades to those of other successful traders within the platform using the various automation tools available. This is fairly similar to eToro’s social trading function, which allows you to copy the movements of experienced investors. However, unlike we’ve explained in our eToro review, with this Bitcoin robot you can’t discuss the markets with others nor actively learn from them. Although there is no guarantee of success, by following tried and trusted crypto investors you’ll be giving yourself the best possible chance to profit.

Tutorial: how to use The Bitcoin Method

Step one: Choose ‘Get Started Now’ via the homepage

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Visit the Bitcoin Method homepage and fill out the Bitcoin Method sign-up form before clicking the ‘Get Started Now’ button. As a side note, when you sign-up you’ll be asked to give your country of residence. If you live in the United States, you’ll be unable to use the binary options platforms as this form of trading is illegal in the US.

 Step 2: Fund your Bitcoin Method account

Simply click ‘Add Funds’ next to your account balance and link up your preferred deposit method to your Bitcoin Method account.

Step 3: Check out the system demo

bitcoin method screen 2

Within your Bitcoin Method dashboard, click the ‘Go to Demo’ button to get a full overview of how the system works before you trade with your own money.

Step 4: Start generating consistent profits from your trades

Once you’re confident with the way the system works, you can start placing trades with real money every day for the rest of your life!

Is The Bitcoin Method a scam?

When all is said and done, The Bitcoin Method is not a genuine scam. Admittedly, the hyperbole of committing to generating up to $14,000 per day might lead to some people crying ‘scam’ but many other users have reported a steady drip of profits using the platform’s state-of-the-art automated trading tools.

As with all forms of financial investment, you have to be prepared to accept the risks as well as the potential rewards. With due diligence and careful research of all your crypto trades through the Bitcoin Method system, you can make a passive income for the long term.

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