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The Best New Crypto Exchanges

The rapid rise of cryptocurrencies has spawned a host of interesting innovations. With developers and entrepreneurs scrambling to embrace the latest technology, new opportunities are cropping up all the time. As part of this wave of change, new exchanges have come to the fore. Building on the foundations of established platforms and providing unique ways to trade, new crypto exchanges have opened up the industry to more people.

How to Find New Exchanges

To use a new cryptocurrency exchange, you need to know where to look. Fortunately, the easy way to select a site is to read our reviews. By keeping track of the latest developments, we’re able to collate the latest exchanges and arrange them into a handy list. What’s more, we’ll tell you exactly which exchanges are new, when they launched and where they come from.

How Do I Know If a New Exchange is Safe?

staying safe whilst using online exchanges

Stay safe when you use new exchanges. (Image source: Kenary820/Shutterstock.com)

There are two ways to establish an exchange’s credentials: subjective and objective. If you’re looking for an expert’s opinion, you can read our reviews. For example, if you check out this guide to eToro, you’ll see that we analyse everything from its corporate credentials to the cryptos it offers and the efficiency of its software.

Taking this information, you can then combine it with some objective facts. The best starting point is regulation. If an exchange is regulated by an organisation such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), you can be confident it’s safe and secure. Beyond that, trust markers such as backing from national governments or major businesses are useful. Finally, if the exchange offers security features such as 2FA, the chances are it’s a quality place to buy Bitcoin (BTC) et al.

New vs. Old Exchanges

Older crypto sites such as Coinbase Exchange are great because they have high trading volumes, tons of liquidity and a solid reputation. However, new sites have a few advantages. Firstly, they often feature the latest innovations, such as fiat deposits and mobile apps. Secondly, you can find new customer deals. In order to compete with established brands, new exchanges tend to offer incentives. Therefore, with the right deal, you can sometimes get a bit more value from a new exchange.

Types of New Exchange

As we’ve said, new crypto exchanges have brought new ways of trading. In the early days, the only way you could buy and sell the top altcoins was to use a crypto-only exchange. Today, you can invest in a variety of ways:

Fiat-to-crypto Exchanges: These platforms evolved out of the need to give casual consumers an easy way to invest. By allowing people to deposit in their native currency using payment methods like Visa, these exchanges have become extremely popular.

Broker Sites: Taking the idea of simplicity a step further, these innovative crypto exchanges allow you to trade contracts for difference (CFDs). The benefits of this are that you get to trade under regulated conditions, you don’t need a crypto wallet as you don’t own the underlying asset and you can use multiple payment methods.

Put simply, thanks to new cryptocurrency exchanges, you can now pay and trade in a way that suits you.

Best New Exchanges:

Newest Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

  • BitForex – June 2018
  • DigiFinex – April 2018
  • EurekaPro – October 2018
  • DX.Exchange – January 2019
  • SolarisBank – Due H1 2019

*Remember to approach new exchanges with caution unless affiliated with a reliable exchange.

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